Is Six Flags New England Fright Fest too scary for little kids? Malone and I were invited to a media preview where we were able to check out Fright Fest first hand. All opinions are our own. 

We are a Six Flags Family. 2016 was the first year that we invested in season passes and we have gotten a ton of use out of them! In late September, Six Flags New England transforms from a regular amusement park into a Halloween haven full of scary decorations, anamitronics, and spooky shows.

During daylight hours, the park operates as normal but with their spooky decor. However, they don’t hold back anything and after 6:00 pm, “all hell breaks loose,” they say.

Malone is 7 years old and had seen the park transform over the course of September. The decor is grand and permanent during Fright Fest (not just something you could drag in and out every night). I knew that during the day, he’d be okay. But neither one of us were sure how he’d be at night. And we wondered, is Six Flags New England’s Fright Fest too scary for little kids?

Is Six Flags New England Fright Fest Too Scary For Little Kids?

Halloween at Six Flags. Is Six Flag's Fright Fest too scary for little kids? We went to Six Flags New England's Fright fest with my 7 year old and he's got a lot to say about it. Read on for tips on taking your child to Six Flags Fight Fest.

Scare factor: 10 

There are are over 200 seasonal employees who’s sole role is to scare guests at Six Flags New England after 6:00 pm. There are creepy guys with chain saws, people made up with fake blood and axes hanging off their head, creepy clowns and more. And their job is to scare you. The sneak up behind you as you walk through the park. They might follow you or chase you. As an adult, I found it pretty scary, but lots of fun. Honestly, in terms of people watching, it was great fun to watch others get creeped on. Kids are not off limits from the scares, Six Flags New England has made that pretty clear.

Human factor: 10 

Behind the masks, fake blood and scary costumes, there is a human. I had to coach Malone and give him the words to shout, but when he told the Fright Fest creatures not to scare him, they backed off. 

They didn’t break character, but they came down to his level and engaged with him in a friendly way. Instead of creeping him, they offered high fives and fist bumps. But the thing is, Malone had to be the one to shout at them and tell them to leave him alone. There were a few times when Malone was terrified and his voice shook as he shouted, it was definitely scary for him.

Kid factor: 7

There were a lot of little kids at Six Flags New England’s Fright Fest after 6:00 pm. The kiddie rides are still open and they’ve got a cute Trick or Treat trail you can go through. The characters are still out and about and Six Flags New England hosts a variety of entertainment after dark.

So, is Six Flags New England’s Fright Fest too scary for little kids? 

I am going to say it depends 100% on your kid. At three years old, Lola is terrified of the blown up haunted house at Costco, so there is no way that Six Flags New England’s Fright Fest is going to be an enjoyable time for her.  The decorations are too scary.

At seven years old, Malone was scared but has the type of personality that can be coached into courage. Scary decor doesn’t bother him, so going during the daytime hours is just fine for him too. As a parent or caregiver, you know your kids the best.

If your child loves scary movies or being spooked, they’re going to have a blast after 6:00 pm at Six Flags New England.  If they don’t enjoy that type of stuff and don’t have the personality type where they really stand up and shout for themselves, come to the park early in the day and plan to leave by 5:30 or 6:00 pm.

Featured image credit: Facebook/Six Flags New England 

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