All 4 Kids Sale 2016 Summer Info:

  • Dates & Times: Saturday 6/4/16 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday 6/5/16 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (many items are 1/2 price on Sunday)
  • Location: Williston Hockey Rink 22 Greenwood Court, Easthampton MA
  • Payment: Cash & Credit/Debit Only

The All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton is one of my favorite events of the year. This is the premiere children’s consignment sale in Western Massachusetts. The Spring/Summer 2016 All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton marks my 12h sale participating as either a shopper, a consignor, or both.  I get complete wardrobes for both Lola and Malone here and always come home with a bunch of great toys, books, and games too!

8 Great Reasons To Attend The All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton This Weekend

All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton

1. Everything is in excellent condition. The All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton has a very high standard with regard to the condition of clothing and toys they’ll accept into the sale. Everything has been checked over by a volunteer worker (although, we’re human and sometimes something with a small stain might slip through. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check before you buy since all sales are final).

2. The prices are great! Most items are a fraction of the cost of their full retail value, making it a great place to stretch your dollar.

3. Sunday is 1/2 price day! On Sunday many of the items in the sale get reduced even further to half price!

All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton

4. Shopping the sale is “green.” You’re keeping these items out of the landfills by giving them new life in your home!

5. There are children’s clothing in every size from preemie through teenager. 

All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton 5

6. They’ve also got maternity and nursing clothing at the All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton! 

All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton 1

7. In addition to clothing, there is a great deal of books, movies, baby gear, strollers, sporting goods, dress up clothing, and more. If a kid needs it, you are likely to find it at the All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton!

8. For a lot of families, the money they earn by consigning in the All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton provides a real tangible difference. I spoke to one person today who was hoping to earn enough money to purchase new couch and another one who was going to use her consignment money to pay off bills. When you shop this sale, you help your neighbors!

I know I said it at the top, but this is one of my favorite places to purchase things for my kids. I wrote this post because I genuinely love this sale and want EVERYONE to know about it- this post has not been sponsored by the organizers of the All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton. Head over there this weekend! If you’d like more information about becoming a volunteer or consignor for the All 4 Kids Sale Easthampton, please visit their website.