My last blog post was before Christmas and I’ve spent the last three weeks offline and out of the loop on a lot of things. I hung out on Instagram because I like it there. I didn’t worry about page views, returning comments, or retweeting much of anything.

To say that I’ve come back refreshed is an understatement. I’d also like to use the words revived and renewed. December was busy for A Cookie Before Dinner. In hindsight, I think I probably said yes to too many good things. Isn’t that the way it goes? Too many good things is still too many things.

I didn’t hit many of my December 2014 goals because I spent the better part of the month away from home. At the last minute, we decided to spend Christmas in Illinois visiting with my family that lives in my hometown. I’m choosing not to beat myself up over still (OMG THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) not filling out and turning in Malone’s school paperwork or going through Lola’s outgrown clothing. These things will happen in January or I’m going to just take them off of my list completely!

January Goals 2015

What I learned in December.

Blog: December 2014 came with a few really great opportunities for me professionally. I appeared on a local television show twice and had a great month as an Amazon associate. I was able to earn enough money to fund my flight to the blog conference Declare (in TX in August).  I also learned a lot about what it means to hustle and work efficiently. A colleague called me a “big” blogger. I am 100% sure that isn’t true, but I’ll take it as a complement. Lesson learned…act like a big girl and you’ll be seen as a big girl. 

Life: Our Christmas Cards were New Years Cards and they’re still not addressed. But, I came to a very important realization this month. Being around people fires me up. I spent most of December protecting my family’s time and investing wisely in the lives of others. I wish I could be super close to everyone, but it just isn’t possible. I’m casting my nets deep instead of wide. 

Motherhood:  Malone and I had a few days together where we really butted heads. He wasn’t intentionally trying to get under my skin, but I let him when I started placing adult expectations on a five year old boy. I need to remember that he really is still just a little boy and  fight really hard to connect with him. He loves Star Wars and so does Michael. So, it is very easy for them to bond over them. Me on the other hand? I don’t share those same passions so I need to work a bit harder to connect. 

January 2015 Goals


  • Develop  a spreadsheet to keep track accounts payable.
  • Finish super secret project #1.
  • Finish my goal yearly goal setting for 2015. I’ll be using my powersheets to help me work through this.


  • Attend girls night out with the women from my small group at church.
  • Attend girls night out with my mama friends.
  • Send 10 pieces of snail mail (outside of my New Years Cards).
  • Go out on a date with my husband.
  • Prep January’s snail mail newsletter.
  • Keep up with my 2015 read the Bible in a year plan.


  • Take Malone out on a date.
  • Finish Malone’s school paper work and going through Lola’s outgrown clothing.

Did you set goals for January? What are they?