Blogger Rehab- One Question Changes Everything

You’re likely reading this post because you are in serious need of some blogger rehab. You’re stressed out, overworked, and want to QUIT the internet. Something that used to be fun has turned into a burden. You are tired of trying to keep up with the blogger next door.

It always seems like the grass is greener on their side, doesn’t it?

Together, we’re going to work out why things aren’t working for you. It is my prayer that as we journey together for the next 31 days, that you will find your way back to everything you fell in love with about blogging.

I have just one question for you today. This might seem easy to answer on the surface, but I challenge you to peel back the layers and get to the core of your heart with this.

Grab your notebook and pen. Brew a cup of coffee or tea. You’re going to want to spend a little bit of time dwelling on this today.

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Blogger Rehab game changing question for stressed out bloggers.

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Why do you blog?

Take some time to really sit with this.

It might be that you blog because you love cooking and sharing recipes. It might be because blogging provides an income for your family. It might be that you see your blog as tool in your tool box as a small business owner.  It might be because you really love sewing and want to share your knowledge with others.

Whatever it is, write it down.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my answer to these questions.

If you want to share in the comments, I’d love to read your answers. If you’d rather email me, that’s fine too. I can be reached at

Stressed out about blogging? Answering this question is a complete game changer.
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This blog post is part of a 31 day series called Blogger Rehab. If this is your first stop along the way, I am so glad you’re here and I hope today’s ideas helped you on your Blogger Rehab journey. This journey is best taken from the very beginning as each lesson and idea builds upon previous ideas. All of the blog posts in this series will be linked together on the Blogger Rehab landing page. Click here to be taken there. 



  1. 1

    Heather @ My Overflowing Cup says

    I blog because I long to write. It just seems to flow naturally from me. I also have a heartfelt desire to encourage others. This is the reason I have a blog. Making money would be nice and I hope that that aspect comes with time. I’m very much looking forward to this series. I think I will learn a lot, so thank you, in advance.
    Heather @ My Overflowing Cup recently posted..Healthier Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  2. 2

    lisacng @ says

    Interesting series! Can’t wait to follow along. I blog because I love to share photos and tell stories and to have people give me feedback and tell me about themselves. Maybe they can relate to something I wrote or experienced.
    lisacng @ recently posted..Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 charactersMy Profile

  3. 3

    Amy P Boyd says

    Wow you really made it think already. I started blogging just to share with those close to me but then fizzled out. In 2013 I decide to begin again but didn’t really have a clear reason. The more I have written and now that you asked the specific question I think I have my answer.

    I blog because I want to show God’s love, glory and mercy in everyday life by sharing personal stories and scripture studies. My desire is that everyone that reads my words will be encouraged that no matter their past God does still have a purpose and a plan for them .
    Amy P Boyd recently posted..CommunityMy Profile

  4. 4

    Lisa @ The Golden spoons says

    My answer has changed over the years. I began blogging to record memories and thoughts on motherhood for my girls. Plus, I have always loved to write. Then, I was bitten by the “my blog will make me famous bug” and I began doing it for recognition. In the process, however, I made some wonderful connections and friends. Now, I realize that the fame is a very unrealistic goal. I’m back to the original reason, as well as fostering my love of writing, and maintaining the relationships I have built. I am trying to figure out how blogging fits in to my life now, though. Lately, I am so busy that blogging has become an obligation and a burden. I’ve lost a lot of the joy it used to bring me. I don’t want to quit, but I need to figure out where it fits in my life and how much I should/can continue to put into it.
    Lisa @ The Golden spoons recently posted..RaNdOm Questions! {#TuesdayTen Linkup}My Profile

  5. 5

    Molly says

    Ha! Love this! Yep, blogging does stress me out. It has for nearly eight years! But I have kept at it. I have a love/hate relationship with the internets for sure ;)
    Molly recently posted..Shopping at Aldi: The Wine SelectionMy Profile

  6. 6

    Rabia @TheLiebers says

    I started out to keep my family updated on stuff the kids were doing. Now I do it for the relationships, for something that’s “me” centered, and a tiny little bit for some extra income.

  7. 7

    Barbie says

    I blog as an on line journal, to record what God is doing in my life — the joys, sorrows, ups and down. Blogging has become so much more than the writing. For me, it’s about community, coming alongside like minded women, encouraging their hearts and offer my love and support on their journeys.
    Barbie recently posted..Day 3: Embrace NewMy Profile

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