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From the time he could tell us, Malone’s favorite color has been pink. Yellow is a very close second. Followed then by rainbow. Rainbow. That kid is wise. If you can’t choose one, just pick them all.

Although it hasn’t always been easy to find pink attire without ruffles or sequins, he has amassed quite a stash of pink to choose from. If it is clean, he wants to wear it out and about. We have embraced our pink loving boy.

The other night it was pajama night at his preschool gymnastics class. He was so excited to wear pj’s out of the house. Everyday I’d ask, “which ones do you want to wear Malone?” And very excitedly he’d reply, “the pink ones with the pretty princess on them.”

Que mama doubt. I worried all week about pajama day.

It is only preschool gymnastics. But I worried about what the other moms would think about Malone. And I worried about what the kids in his class might say to him.

Would they tease him? Would they call him a girl?

The world can be such a cruel place, especially for those who swim upstream instead of going with the flow.

I wondered if I should just tell him they were dirty. Maybe I could hide them while he wasn’t looking. But that didn’t seem like I was being faithful to anyone. I wasn’t being faithful to Malone’s choice and I wasn’t being faithful to my parenting philosophies. I do not tire of letting the world know that Malone loves pink.

I want him to know that he can love what he loves.

Openly. Freely. Without fear.

Pink Loving Boy

And I want him to know that as his mama I will be there at every turn as he navigates his world. To support him. To encourage him. To teach him to stand up for what he believes in and loves.

Pink pajamas and all.

Oh, and as it turns out, his teacher is a HUGE Strawberry Shortcake fan and was stoked to see Malone’s pajamas. The whole night ended up being no big deal at all. I spent a week worrying for no reason.

Lesson learned.

Underground-Girls-of-Kabul-by-Jenny-NordbergThis post has been updated and originally appeared on A Cookie Before Dinner in January of 2013. Malone has since changed his mind about pink and loves white best of all these days. Rainbow is still a second favorite. I republished this because I recently read Underground Girls Of Kabul by journalist Jenny Nordberg, who discovers a secret Afghani practice where girls are dressed and raised as boys.  

Join From Left to Write on September 16th as we discuss The Underground Girls of Kabul. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.


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