It is Friday, which means it is time for a double post sort of day. I am part of two amazing communities, both of which come together on Friday.

If you are looking for my Ask Away Friday post with Adrienne from The Mommy Mess, it is here. Ask Away Friday is a great way to get to know someone better. We trade 10 questions with each other and answer them on our own blogs.

And then there is Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker.  Around midnight, she posts a writing prompt. The rules are pretty simple. Write for five minutes using the prompt as inspiration, hit publish before you get all heady about making your post perfect (no rewrites!), link it up with her, and visit a few others to leave some comment love. I have to tell you, this community is so sweet and I love being a part of it. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing a bunch of these bloggers this October. If you’d like to join in, please do. We start hanging out with each other around 8:00 pm EST on Twitter using the #fmfparty hashtag.

This week’s prompt is write.

I whisper it to myself. I am a writer. Sometimes, I can barely get the words out. I have a hard time owning those three little words.

The lies creep in more often.

“You have a blog no one reads. You’ll never be a big blogger with millions of readers. So why even bother. You are NOT a writer.”

“You don’t have a book. And even if you wanted to, you could not write one. You have nothing to say. You are NOT a writer.”

“You don’t have a degree in English. In fact, you don’t have a degree at all. You’re NOT a writer.”

“You are just a stay at home mom who needs a hobby. You are NOT a writer.”

The devil is sneaky like that.

Malone claims it for me, when I can not do it for myself. Every time and without fail.

And when he says it, I’m more than convinced there is a higher power speaking.

“My mommy is a writer,” he tells his teacher at school and anyone else who asks. “She writes at the computer and she works really hard. When I wake up in the morning, she is there working. When I go to sleep at night, she goes back to work after our story time.”

I am a writer

I am a writer. And even if no one ever reads my blog, I will still be one.

I am a writer. And even if I never write that book that I know is in the deep fiery part of my gut, I will still be a writer.

I am a writer. And even if I never get a college degree, I will still always have a story to tell.

I am a mama who writes. There is NOTHING WRONG with being a stay at home mom. But there is something wrong with ignoring the call that God has placed one me.

Ignoring a call from God? That is straight out sin.

Don’t ask me about the book. Maybe it will never get written. Maybe it will. This blog is meant to be space where everyone can come to find encouragement. That is my call. Life. Done well and on purpose with the Lord. That is my heart and the call I’ve been given.

And I’m owning it. I am taking it. It is mine. I’m claiming it.

I am a writer.

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