As my blog grows, I’ve been thinking a lot about best blogging practices. I’ve spent some time reflecting on early mistakes I made and realized I could have avoided them very easily, if only I’d known! There are several things on this list that I still struggle with on an almost daily basis. Number seven is one that I wrestle with everyday. I have a few friends who have hit their niche right out of the gate and are exploding. While I am trying hard to celebrate in their success, it is hard not to be jealous sometimes.

Keeping these 10 commandments of blogging is something that I think every blogger should strive for.

Wow! These are a must read for bloggers. #7 is SO IMPORTANT!

1. Thou shall focus on creating great content. Without great content, I have no blog.

2. Thou shall use this space for good and not for evil.  I will not hit publish on things written in anger or with a mean spirit.

3. Thou shall be engaged with my community of readers. I will reply to comments left on my blog and visit the blogs of those who have commented as often as I can.

4. Thou shall not use captcha. Commenting will be easy for my readers. No extra logging in with weird apps or trying to guess a random number and letter combination to leave a comment.

5. Thou shall be thoughtful about my readers eyes. My space will not be cluttered or have a distracting background.

6. Thou shall be thoughtful and intentional about ads, reviews, and any endorsement opportunities that might come my way.

7. Thou shall not be jealous of the success of others, especially those newcomers who explode right away.

8. Thou shall not attempt to write in any else’s voice but my own.

9. Thou shall be supportive and encouraging of other bloggers. I will share excellent content written by others on my own social media channels.

10. Thou shall rest. The Lord rested on the 7th day, and I will power down too. I will not live to blog. I will blog about life.

What would you add to this list? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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