Santa Fail

I don’t know about you, but we are in full on holiday shopping mode.  Malone has very specific ideas about what he wants this year.

Here is his list.

  1. All of the toys in the world.
  2. All of the Disney’s Planes Guys
  3. A Sofia The First Shirt
  4. The 4 Hill Elimination Race Hot Wheels Playset

First of all. All of the toys in the world? Not going to happen my friend. There are a lot of junk toys out there and I don’t have the brain capacity to make this happen. Also, I’d completely set myself up for disaster next year. All the toys in the world. Check. Next year, world domination. I can see it now. My house would be filled with tiny Legos and I’d have to swim down the Hallway to the Bathroom like  Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales. Sigh. My feet are already IN PAIN at the thought of this.

Malone is getting the Disney Plane’s guys from Grandma. I don’t know if this will complete his set, but it will be pretty close. We gave him a bunch of the die casts as a big brother gift after Lola was born. I put the ones he didn’t have on his Amazon Wishlist. Either way, he’s getting a boat load of new guys and he’ll be stoked. I’m jazzed because he’s getting what he wants and they won’t take up a bunch of space real estate in the house. Also, he calls the main guy (who’s real name is Dusty Crophooper) Dusty Craphopper, which is a pocket full of AWESOME.

A Sofia The First shirt isn’t going to happen. It doesn’t appear that Disney makes one for boys. I guess boys can’t love the princesses too? Malone loves pink and purple, but every shirt I’ve come across has ruffles or is bedazzled. I wonder if I could DIY one with freezer paper and an iron? If you have done something in the past and have a tutorial, PLEASE link it in the comments or email me!

And finally. This is where SANTA might FAIL. The 4 Hill Elimination Race by Hot Wheels is a Target Exclusive. It is not available in stores and it is sold out online. Malone has been talking about this, dreaming about this, and wishing for this since the summer when he saw a review of it on You Tube. He’s probably watched this review a hundred times. I know it is really something he TRULY wants. And he wants it because HE wants it, not because a commercial told him he wanted it. We cut our cable over a year ago, so his commercial viewing is next to nothing.

Santa MUST bring this. I just placed a bid on one on Ebay.

If you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, you can watch this to see exactly what it is Malone is dying for. It does look like a lot of fun. He wants this EXACT MODEL which comes with 18 cars.

On a side note, the man who puts out these videos (who is lovingly referred to as THE MAN in hour house) is a preschool boy’s best friend. He reviews most Hot Wheels products and you can tell he’s a really passionate collector. If you’re looking for something to keep your kid busy for a bit so you can pee or shower in peace, he just might be your guy.

What is on your kid’s list? Do you have a Santa Fail situation too?