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How I spent my momcation.

How I spent my momcation photoMy husband deserves a gold star. No, a gold star won’t do. Maybe a medal or a trophy. I’m not sure. But he is amazing. A few weeks a go he took our preschooler (a boy) to his mother’s beach house. He gifted me with a momcation. A 3 day and 4 night all inclusive stay in my own home without my kid.

To say it was amazing would be the understatement of the year. To say that I didn’t miss them like crazy would be a complete lie. But in the end, I learned so much about myself and who I am as a mother.  Also, I didn’t have to worry about wiping anyone else’s hiney but my own. Awesomesauce.

Wondering how I spent my time on my momcation? Head over to Brittney Estes to read the dirty details. I’m guest blogging there today. She just welcomed a beautiful baby girl and is now a mama to five!


{Baby Steps} Waging a war against the clutter.

I am going insane. We live in the second floor of a beautiful Victorian house. The rooms are big and the closets are narrow but deep. There are three total- a coat closet and two bedroom closets. We have a few things in the basement but not much.

We’ve got a serious stuff vs space issue going on. Everywhere I look, there are piles of things that don’t have homes. Or piles of things that don’t have homes but are in pretty baskets. I feel like I’m drowning and I’m tired of it. I loathe the clutter.

So I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to wage a war against the clutter. I am going to make cut throat decisions about what stays and what goes. Nothing is safe. Toys, books, towels, shoes, coffee mugs – everyday life stuff is all FAIR GAME. And I’m going to take you along for the ride with me.

The rules are simple. I’ve thought long and hard about them. These are the things I am going to keep in mind as I purge.

Waging War On Clutter

If I follow these guidelines, I think I will really be able to whittle down our clutter pockets and find the things we actually use, need, or love. I know it isn’t going to be easy. And there are certainly going to be some exceptions made- especially in the sentimental value category. I know Mike and I are both going to keep a few things that fit in to the “we’re just going to keep it forever” area. But so be it, as long as most things go!

I think the hardest area to tackle is going to be Malone’s toys. I’ll have to go through those when he’s not around. He’s got a bunch of things he will not noticeif they go missing. But if I try to move them on while he’s around we’ll have a nuclear level disaster.  I’m learning though, he plays more when he has less.

The other tough area is going to be my clothing. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and know that in a few months I’ll be in that weird stage again where nothing fits right. Plus, I’ve got an entire tote full of things I’m waiting to lose enough weight to fit into from my first pregnancy over 4 years ago. Some of those pieces are timeless and things I really love. But what are the chances at this point? Also, those maternity shirts hanging in my closet that I think are too ugly to see daylight (because they are not my style) aren’t doing me any favors. Time for them to go to someone who WILL appreciate them!

I’m going to try to post a weekly update with my progress and be brave with before and after pictures.

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, and neither will my cluttered house. But I am going to start small and stay focused on the area I’m working in.

Are you brave enough to join me? What is your biggest clutter issue? I’d love to know more in the comments!


{From The Heart} Those Little Waves

When I said “I do” to Michael, I also said “I do” to the most amazing mother in law ever. She’s one of my closest confidants. And she lives .7 miles from the beach on Cape Cod. It is the trifecta of awesome when we visit her- she’s beyond lovely and fun as a grown up, we’re at a beach house, and she’s a rock star grandmother.

We’ve spent the last week at the beach, are headed home for a few days and then coming back again. And I’ve got waves on my mind.

Sometimes they come to shore so strongly they knock me over with their force. Sometimes they are so meek and gentle that I can play cat and mouse with them as we dance together in frothy foam as it hits the shore. And sometimes I am so far out to sea that with a little courage and a lot of relaxation I can let them do all of the work as I ride all the way into the shore.

Those little waves

They’re unpredictable  but steady. Forceful but soothing. I find comfort and anxiety in them, all at the same time. The anxiety comes in the false sense of calm. Knowing that at any moment that little wave that seemed so gentle and calm has steamrolled into something bigger than I think I can handle.

In those moments, the only thing to do is dive in head first and pray I don’t get swept away.


{A blogesty pregnancy tale} I hate my underpants.

During my last pregnancy, I was gigantic. I gained close to 60 pounds thanks to being borderline pre-eclamptic.  Towards the end of the pregnancy my body was so swollen with extra water that I felt like I could burst water balloon style ANY SECOND. In the end, everything turned out okay. And this beautiful soul is now part of our family.

421 blog

Oh.. I didn’t tell you I’m pregnant again? Don’t worry, these people were surprised when we told them too! PS- That is a tic tac in my Nana’s mouth, not some sort of weird ghost light or something.

Baby 2

Ever point a camera at someone and say to them “say we’re having a baby!” It’s super fun… try it sometime.

Baby 1

While we’re at it, here is the super cute gender announcement I put together and then never posted here.

Baby 3

For the record, this pregnancy has really kicked my behind. I was still experiencing morning sickness up until two weeks ago. Little lady is full of hormones already. Life with her as a teenager will be BLESSED. I’m sure of it.

I digress. Now that we’ve established again that I’m pregnant, in the third trimester, and it’s a girl lets get down to the real reason for this post.

Because I am no longer pregzilla, the great and powerful photobomber, I’m having significant underpants issues. My regular ones are too small. My maternity ones from last time are too big. I am too cheap to buy something in the middle. I’m in limbo. PS, these guys were the BEST sports about this photobomb. Photo credit belongs to Paul Specht/Asia Kepka. 

Malone and I met up with several of our friends for an afternoon play date at the equivalent of  a preschool hamster cage (full of tunnels, chutes, ball pits and slides). We had a blast. Everyone left with the same amount of children they came with (have you ever been to one of these places? Glory Glory. Thank goodness for extra eyes!) and despite a lost pair of socks we all left with everything else we brought in.

It is hot and humid around these parts. Enter the mu-mu. I can rock the mu-mu like nobodies business. They are modest, airy, comfortable, and easy- everything this girl needs.

But the mu-mu + limbo underpants presented a new challenge today. Malone (and friends from what I hear) fell asleep on the way home. He was SOUND asleep and as I went to carry him in to our apartment on the second floor from the car, I realized we were having a code red underpants situation.

With every step I took, my undies slithered a little closer down my legs. But my hands were full with 34 pounds of dead preschool weight. Half way up the stairs they were around my knees. I tried to do a knees in duck walk to keep them up as I carried him, but it didn’t work- I couldn’t figure out how to keep my knees in and move up to the next stair at the same time.  By the time I reached the top of the stairs, they were completely around my ankles.  And Malone was still sawing logs in my arms.

I consider it a miracle I even made it up the stairs today.

I hate my underpants.

PS- Malone slept for another two hours. He’ll be up now until midnight. But I’ll have to save the tale of his all nighters for another day.