During our first beach vacation this summer we found ourselves in a very fun spot to be in- my brother in law, sister in law, & nephew were on the Cape as well as our dear friends.

Before the trip, I worried too much about tiny things- I blame the connector in me. The littles are all the same age, but would they get along? I know how often 3 can be a crowd- especially with littles who are drama filled preschoolers. I love my in laws and I love my friends, but would they find mutual ground despite different back grounds? Would we feel torn between our friends we see all the time and our in laws that we just get a little time with?

Behind The Scenes

The dads hung out and drank a lot alcohol. The moms talked “shop” while the kids played. And my mother in law now has another preschooler who calls her Meme.

And the wanna be photographer in me captured this glory filled moment. Proof of a week spent loving and being loved.

Worry is such a dirty dirty bird.

I’m linking up with Crystal Stine’s Behind The Scenes- where pictures meet real life stories!




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