During my last pregnancy, I was gigantic. I gained close to 60 pounds thanks to being borderline pre-eclamptic.  Towards the end of the pregnancy my body was so swollen with extra water that I felt like I could burst water balloon style ANY SECOND. In the end, everything turned out okay. And this beautiful soul is now part of our family.

421 blog

Oh.. I didn’t tell you I’m pregnant again? Don’t worry, these people were surprised when we told them too! PS- That is a tic tac in my Nana’s mouth, not some sort of weird ghost light or something.

Baby 2

Ever point a camera at someone and say to them “say we’re having a baby!” It’s super fun… try it sometime.

Baby 1

While we’re at it, here is the super cute gender announcement I put together and then never posted here.

Baby 3

For the record, this pregnancy has really kicked my behind. I was still experiencing morning sickness up until two weeks ago. Little lady is full of hormones already. Life with her as a teenager will be BLESSED. I’m sure of it.

I digress. Now that we’ve established again that I’m pregnant, in the third trimester, and it’s a girl lets get down to the real reason for this post.

Because I am no longer pregzilla, the great and powerful photobomber, I’m having significant underpants issues. My regular ones are too small. My maternity ones from last time are too big. I am too cheap to buy something in the middle. I’m in limbo. PS, these guys were the BEST sports about this photobomb. Photo credit belongs to Paul Specht/Asia Kepka. 

Malone and I met up with several of our friends for an afternoon play date at the equivalent of  a preschool hamster cage (full of tunnels, chutes, ball pits and slides). We had a blast. Everyone left with the same amount of children they came with (have you ever been to one of these places? Glory Glory. Thank goodness for extra eyes!) and despite a lost pair of socks we all left with everything else we brought in.

It is hot and humid around these parts. Enter the mu-mu. I can rock the mu-mu like nobodies business. They are modest, airy, comfortable, and easy- everything this girl needs.

But the mu-mu + limbo underpants presented a new challenge today. Malone (and friends from what I hear) fell asleep on the way home. He was SOUND asleep and as I went to carry him in to our apartment on the second floor from the car, I realized we were having a code red underpants situation.

With every step I took, my undies slithered a little closer down my legs. But my hands were full with 34 pounds of dead preschool weight. Half way up the stairs they were around my knees. I tried to do a knees in duck walk to keep them up as I carried him, but it didn’t work- I couldn’t figure out how to keep my knees in and move up to the next stair at the same time.  By the time I reached the top of the stairs, they were completely around my ankles.  And Malone was still sawing logs in my arms.

I consider it a miracle I even made it up the stairs today.

I hate my underpants.

PS- Malone slept for another two hours. He’ll be up now until midnight. But I’ll have to save the tale of his all nighters for another day.




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