I’ve played along with Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday writing prompt before.  It is tricky. She gives you a word or idea, and you’ve got 5 minutes. Want to play along? I dare you to join in the fun! Set your stop watch and see what pops out. No edits. No going back.

Ready, steady, Go!

Rhythm. Motherhood. Wake up. Coffee. Quiet time. Rhythm. Daily grind. Lots of smiles. Sometimes faking it, UNTIL I MAKE IT. Longing for balance. Where is the line between creative and engaging play and time for the work of motherhood. Time for lunch. Rhythm. SOS text to a friend. Save me from myself today. He’s crazy. I’m going there. Meet me in the park in 10. Rhythm. What to cook for supper? Husbands home. How was your day?  Rhythm.  “Come Lord Jesus.” Everyone’s fed. Kid is smelly.You do bath, I’ll do the kitchen. Rhythm. Family time. Make the coffee. Get ready for tomorrow. Time to write? Rhythm.

Day is done. Gone the sun. Was it enough?Rhythm.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Rhythm.


Five Minute Friday

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