52 Lists- Words that touch your soul.

Do you know that if you google just about anything you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for? I am so excited to have found a journal prompt series called 52 lists. Moorea Seal  posted this prompt (and has up to 20ish weeks posted on her blog so far). I plan to play along and share with you! If’ you’d like to play too, she invites you to link up with her on her blog.

52 Lists Week 1

Want to play along? Leave the words that touch your soul in the comments below.


  1. Lisa L says

    Okay, I’ll play along. Words that touch my soul: love, birth, death, snuggle, caress, AdvoCare, health, baby, grandma, mom, Polo, tornado, fire, friend, trust, faith, hope, wine, chocolate, Reese’s, race, laughter, family, sadness, bubble bath, date night, vacation, ocean, sunshine. I could think of more, but really need to get moving for work! :)

    • NJ says

      Very fun! Interesting that tornado is on your list. I have fond memories of chasing them with Papa Ralph!

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