I love living in New England.

Things I love- lobster, The Cape, The Big E, The Sox/Pats/Celtics/Bruins, the rocky beaches in Maine, the mountains in New Hampshire and Vermont, my tinyish mountain in MA. I love summer and spring and fall.

Winter and I are okay friends.

Until 22 inches of snow come down in 24 hours. The Blizzard Nemo and I are not friends.

Hello Malone trying to shovel. Bless his heart, using a beach shovel. That snow there… it is up to his shoulders.

Blizzard Nemo Malone Shovels

Hello Malone, stuck stuck stuck! He didn’t get any further than that on foot. Thank goodness for the sled. I plopped him in and pushed him out into our street. The parking ban was in effect. There wasn’t any worry there.

2013 Blizzard

Hello buried cars parked on the street. See them? They are the white bumps behind the stop sign.

At least the snow is fluffy?

Nemo Blizzard

Hello neighbor “PopPaul”. He worked very diligently to blow his snow. He was the first one out and the last one in. Sigh, his cars were pretty buried too.

Blizzard New England Nemo 2013

Hello street view. And more buried cars.

Hello S.O.S. group texts to friends about kids climbing up the walls.

Nemo Blizzard

Speaking of buried cars, there’s ours.

2013 Nemo Winter Blizzard

And here is how I feel about digging them out.  Blizzard Nemo, you blow.

Blizzard Nemo

One out, one to go. The 2nd car was fully buried thanks to the blizzard.

Hello parking ban, hello cabin fever.

Hello baking, hello husband who was born during the blizzard of ’78.

2013 Blizzard Nemo

Hello to earning another badge of honor for living in New England.

I’m linking up today with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday.

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