Cutting Cable- We did it!

Yesterday Mike and I did something we had been thinking about doing for a long time.

We finally cancelled our cable. We took a hard look at the programming we’ve been watching lately and decided that we wanted to see if we could really live without it.

Malone and I will be fine. The only time I really watched TV was when I was folding laundry and Malone has tons of shows he loves on Netflix. Mike, on the other hand will have to get more creative. He likes Netflix too, but also has a few shows that he adores (Game of Thrones comes to mind) and likes to watch sports.

We will probably end up either Apple TV or a Roku box. We already have access to tons of shows via Netflix and Amazon Prime. Perhaps we’ll add Hulu Plus as well.

I will be honest, I do feel a bit sad about waking up this morning cable free. I’ve been in a household that has had cable since I was in fourth grade. Mike feels the same way.

However, we have a pretty aggressive three year financial vision for our family. If we make these cuts now and get a little smarter with our resources, we will be 98% debt free when we finally get ready to buy a house.

And that sounds really good.

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