Malone Preschool

1. Malone woke up excited about preschool this morning. Nervous, but also excited. We’ve been talking about this day since March, when I took him to the general office to register him.

2. Malone also woke up this morning and declared that pink was no longer his favorite color. His new favorite color is rainbow. Since he’s always been a pink loving boy, I was a bit shocked by his declaration. But it has come on his own terms (not because he was teased about it). For the record, he ditched pink because it isn’t a color in the rainbow.

3. When I registered Malone for preschool last spring, I had my choice between a morning slot and an afternoon slot. I choose the afternoon because we’ve got so many fun am activities to choose from. Today, I am super glad I made that decision but for another reason- there is no way that I could get him to school on time in the morning. It seems like the earliest I can get a newborn, preschooler, and myself out of the door in the morning is 9:00. Thankfully, most of the cool stuff we go to  doesn’t start until 9:30 or 10:00.

4. Michael went to work early today so he could come home at lunchtime so we could take Malone into school as a family. He will probably have to work late to make up for the lost time. I will remind myself of this gift tonight when I am at my wits end and waiting for Daddy to come through the door.

preschool whole family5. Malone’s best friend (and best neighbor girl) is also going to preschool in the afternoon. We had hoped they’d be in the same class. But no such luck.

6. Malone would like to be a race car driver when he grows up. His favorite food is celery. His favorite color is rainbow. And his favorite TV show is Wonder Pets.

7. Lola slept the entire time we were at school dropping off Malone.

8. Malone, Lola, and I made it to the Northampton Parent’s Center for opening day today. It felt great to be back among our community of mamas, papas, and babies. This year, Malone is one of the biggest kids- which totally feels weird.

9. Lola also slept the entire time we were at the NPC.

10. I am enjoying having some one on one time with Lola. I counted her eyelashes while I rocked her to sleep. I’m also enjoying having some one on one time with myself. Today was the first afternoon of 30 minutes of self imposed rest time while the baby napped. I didn’t sleep because the neighbor was practicing the drums. But tomorrow is a whole new day.