Having a baby changes your entire world. When I became a new mother, there was a pretty steep learning curve. But along the way, I picked up some tips and tricks.

If I could make it happen, I’d take you out for dessert before your baby came. And in between bites of lemon cheesecake and chocolate cake, I’d share all of my tips for new moms with you. But I can’t do that, so instead I’ve written this.

Hand the Camera Over
When my first was born, I didn’t think about handing the camera to someone else to capture our time as a family in the hospital. I have photographs of my son with each of us, but not a first family photo taken in the hospital.

Most nurses are happy to help. Just ask them if they’d mind taking a photograph. Or, ask a family member or friend to take one when they visit.

My mother in law took this photograph after the birth of our second child, Lola. And I’m so thankful to have it.

Tips for new moms

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