We love to travel with our kids. It’s one of our favorite things to do! But in the hustle and bustle of packing for two kids and doing #allthevacationthings, it’s easy to forget something! File this post about things you forgot to do before leaving on vacation away for when you need it. Pin it, bookmark it, whatever you need to do! And while you’re at it, make sure you’re saving money for your trip!

Things You Forgot To Do Before Leaving On Vacation

Headed out on vacation soon? Planning your next vacation? Here are 5 things you forgot to do before leaving on vacation.

 Stay Quiet On Social Media

Staying quiet on social media is something even I forget to do! However consider it, especially if your privacy IS NOT locked down like a fortress and you’ve ever disclosed where you live (pictures of the front of your house, checked into a place nearby or given away other identifying information). If you’re sharing on social media that you’re away on vacation, you’re opening yourself up to risk of robbery or theft.  It is so easy to share in real time and live in the moment, I know! Instead, keep a journal while you’re on your trip and share your photos when you get back!

Take Photos or Copies of Important Documents

Do you know all of your prescriptions off the top of your head or know all of your credit card numbers? What about your insurance card number or flight confirmation?

If your wallet or bag is stolen during your vacation, you’re going to wish you had this info! I recommend taking taking photos and scanning important documents and storing them someplace secure online (like Dropbox). In most places that you go, you’ll have internet access can retrieve this information if you need it. I don’t recommend storing photos on your phone or making paper copies to take with you. I know it’s an extra step, but this way you’re not handing someone who steals your bag an easy way to also steal your identity. Make sure you keep a really strong password that you change frequently.

Call Your Bank

Call your bank to let them know you’ll be traveling, otherwise you’ll run the risk of having your debit cards shut down. We found this out the hard way while we were in Walt Disney World, most banks have an automated trigger placed on your account that will shut it down if they suspect fraudulent activity or outside the norm transactions. Generally, you can travel to a state that borders yours without needing to call, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This has become more of a “thing” since the recent rise of debit card number and identity theft.

 Set Up An Emergency Phone Tree

Let your tribe know that you’ll be traveling and give them important information like your flight information and hotel. Then, set up a phone tree you can use in case of emergency. What’s a phone tree, you ask? It’s a really simple relay train used instead of having one person making 50 phone calls. You never know what might happen while you’re on vacation and you might need to communicate information about your family efficiently.

Sample Phone Tree:

  • You call your parents.
  • Your parents call your brother and sister.
  • Your brother calls your grandmother and your employer..
  • Your sister calls your best friend and your neighbor.

With ONE phone call, you have let 7 people know your status and you can get back to taking care of things. A phone tree SHOULD ONLY be used in cases of emergency.

Stock Up On Essentials Like Milk, Bread, Coffee and Toilet Paper

Coming home from a trip is hard enough, but what makes it even harder is coming home to zero basics. I HATE getting home from traveling late and having to go out ASAP because we don’t have a few things on hand to help us make it through to the next morning when I can shop.

Once, we came home from a trip to a house with zero toilet paper in it… totally not fun. So now I make sure that we’re stocked up before we leave. Coffee + milk make my mornings happy and if there isn’t any peanut butter in the cupboard for toast, then there is usually butter in the refrigerator.

We almost always make a Wal-Mart run to stock up on those essentials before we travel. Cottonelle Mega Rolls, coffee, bread and milk are always on my list.  What’s even better? When you’re in a rush, you can use Wal-Mart’s awesome grocery pick up service.

With Cottonelle Mega Rolls, you get more bang for your buck! One roll = four rolls of toilet paper. I love this! With a newly potty trained kiddo running around, it’s great to have these mega sized rolls. And they are made with SafeFlush technology to help protect septic and sewer systems.

I feel like I should sing the old jingle from NBC…. anyone else remember The More You Know tune? The key to success is preparation! Make sure to bookmark this post about things you forgot to do before going on vacation. And if you’re looking traveling with kids tips, check out this one about How To Rock A Road Trip With Your Kids.