Last week, I had the chance to attend the New England Auto Show in Boston as a guest of Toyota and She Buys Cars, this post is sponsored by them but all opinion are my own.

When I first got the invitation to the Boston Auto Show, I said yes immediately but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As the day went on, I realized how much I love cars and the auto show. I’m already looking forward to coming  back next year! I had a few take aways and I’m so excited to share them with you today.

Things I Learned At The Boston Auto Show

Lesson #1: Never stop innovating. 

One of the most surprising things I learned was that even though Toyota’s Prius was an amazing car, they decided to figure out how to make it even better. The all new Prius Prime has been completely optimized for maximum efficiency. In EV mode it can travel up to 25 miles without using a drop of gas. This makes it the perfect commuter care for my husband who travels 10 miles each way. I can’t even begin to think how much gas we’d save! And!!! It charges in just a little over 5 hours using a standard electrical outlet.

We  have long swooned over the Toyota Prius it’s always been too small for our family. A Prius Prime? It’s larger and more sedan like than the typical Prius Hybrid. And she’s really cute and sporty too!

Those lines though. @toyotausa wins again in style and eco-tech with a 640 mile range and up to $4500 in tax credits available. Add in some super savvy #tech with apps to do everything from control temperature to locating your vehicle and we have a winner! Photo credit: @comebackmomma #toyotaboston #spnsrd #bostonautoshow #hybrid #autonews #prius #priusprime #neias

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Lesson #2: Loving What You Do Matters. 

One of the highlights of my day was spending time with She Buys Cars co-founder, Scotty Reiss. It’s clear that Scotty loves cars and is passionate about the automotive industry. I’m not typically a “car” person., I like what I drive because it functions well for me. I could sit and listen to Scotty talk about cars for hours, because she’s so excited about what’s happening. It made me realize that I need to spend more time sharing my passion with others.

Scotty at the Boston Auto show

Lesson #3: Anticipating The Needs Of Your Customers Is A Game Changer. 

I learned that the 2018 Honda Odyssey has second two seats that can slide sideways. It makes access to the back seat way easier and if you’ve got a baby, you are likely able to reach them easily from the front seat if their car seat is in the middle position! I thought was a super innovative feature for a mini van and it totally solves a problem I didn’t even know I had. I don’t have a baby on the way, by the way.

I can’t wait to attend my next auto show! Maybe I’ll see you there next year!