In the post last week about losing (and finding) my voice, I mentioned that I had joined a writer’s group. The first assignment was to write A Writer’s Prayer. I really loved this assignment because it forced me out of my comfort zone a bit. I am a Christian and I am a writer. But I’m not a Christian Writer in this space- I don’t specifically write for one flavor of audience. But here is to trying something new. I hope you enjoy.

The thing about words,

 is that they are just words

until You inspire them.

So I come before you to ask

for your breath of inspiration

to land on my pen.

But the greatest of all is love,

You said.

 May I never forget this

as I pick up my pen.

Each of us has

our own path and journey

where love never fails.

 Heaven on earth is made

for moments like this.

Moments to share Your love

through my story.

Let it be, I ask of my words.

Let it be true.

Let it be noble.

Let it be authentic and lovely.

Let these words be Your voice

through mine.