We are in the THICK of summer here in New England. Everyday around 3:00 pm, I think about how much I don’t want to cook dinner for my crew and how I’d rather just serve everyone cold cereal and fruit. Both Mike and Malone would be over the moon if I did. I have pulled that trick a few times this summer, along with the let’s go out for ice cream for dinner trick. But at some point, I need to come up with some summer supper ideas that I can actually get behind.

10 Amazing Summer Supper Ideas. Great ideas for when it is too hot to cook! See the full roundup at www.acookiebeforedinner.com

I’ve curated this list of 10 amazing summer supper ideas both for my benefit and yours. These all look amazing and I might actually be able to serve my family something other than our standard taco salad, breakfast for dinner, or DIY sandwich night.

Summer supper ideas. Great for the nights it is too hot to cook! See the full list at www.acookiebeforedinner.com

1. Fresh And Easy Fish Tacos 

2. Copy Cat Applebee’s Clubhouse Grill Sandwich 

3.  Chickpea Salad With Artichokes And Pesto

10 Amazing Summer Supper Ideas. Great for those hot nights when you just can't bring it in you to cook! See the full list at www.acookiebeforedinner.com4. Fig Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad

5. Microwave Hasselback Potatos

6. Marinated Vidalia Onion And Tomato Sandwich 

Amazing summer suppers ideas. To hot too cook? Check out the full list at www.acookiebeforedinner.com7. Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

8.  Caprese Chicken Drumsticks

9. Ultimate Grilled Pizza

10. Chili  Rubbed Steak And Roasted Pepper Salad

What is on your summer supper menus?