Even before Malone was born, we knew that he was going to be a very active child. Michael and I were both active as kids. I spent my childhood as a competitive power tumbler and trampolinist. I was also a cheerleader and spent my summers playing softball. Michael grew up running on the beaches of Cape Cod for track and cross country and loved to surf in his spare time.

Malone is the kind of kid we thought he’d be. At five years old, he’s already set a record as the youngest finisher at a 5k race. He walked and ran the entire way when he was three years old. And just last week, he ran the full 5k of the Safe Passage Hot Chocolate Run in our area.

Mike and Malone 5k

This is Malone right after his race. The finish line is at the bottom of a big hill. When he got to the hill, he raised both of his hands as he ran and the crowd went nuts.

One of the most important things about raising an athletic child is making sure they’re building on a firm foundation- a foundation of fundamentals.

This past summer, Malone rode his bike with training wheels over four miles on a bike path. We were sure he was ready to take off the training wheels and head off into two wheeler land. We were wrong. While we had given him opportunity to increase his stamina and leg strength by riding and pedaling his bike with training wheels, we had neglected to teach him about balance. So when Strider sent us a balance bike to try out, we were really excited! All opinions are our own. Affiliate links may be present in this post.

Malone says

I really like this Strider balance bike. I can ride my bike with training wheels, but I really want to take them off like the big guys in our neighborhood. The problem is that I keep falling when we try that! I like practicing with my Strider. I am just starting to get the hang of this and I think it is really fun.

Mom says

I feel horrible that we’ve forgotten the key element of balance while teaching Malone to ride a bike. But I am so thankful Strider balance bikes have thought of a better way! It is easy to put together (it took my husband 10 minutes) and lightweight. This is just the kind of tool we’ve been looking for and I wish we would have started out with a Strider!

10 Reasons To Choose A Strider Balance Bike

10 reasons to choose a Strider balance bike! There are so many different balance bikes on the market. Here are 10 reasons why Strider is the best!

1.  It promotes the fundamentals of bike riding- balance and coordination!

Strider Balance Bike

2. A Strider balance bike grows with the child. Malone is at tail end of the age range for this bike, but it won’t be long before Lola starts using it. The age range is 2-5 years old. That is a lot of use to get out of one bike!

3. It is lightweight. At under seven pounds, Malone is able to handle his Strider balance bike completely on his own, including lifting it into the trunk of our Subaru when we head out to the bike path.

4. It is easy to put together. It took less than ten minutes for Michael to assemble it.

5. The Strider balance bike can be used year round! The ski Accessory is currently out of stock. However, how cool is this?

6. The Strider balance bike is easy to control. The child sets the pace and can go as fast or slow as they want/are capable of.

7.  No tools are needed to adjust the bike. The first time Malone rode his new bike, Mike decided to adjust the handlebars and seat. It took him just a few seconds and then Malone was on his way again!

Strider Balance Bike- easy to adjust. No tools needed!

8. The Strider balance bike is a complete confidence builder. It didn’t take Malone long to get the hang of it and it was really fun to see his confidence grow each time he rode his bike.

Strider balance bike builds confidence!

9. It is size appropriate. Strider has a full line of bikes for tots through adults. You can see their full line here.  

10. Strider bikes provide a smooth and natural transition to a pedal bike. They’ve got a full set of tip for that transition here. 

In addition to all of the above, Strider has a special commitment to children with special needs.

At Strider Bikes, we want everyone to have an opportunity to experience life on two wheels. The number one toddler balance bike responsible for teaching over a million children how to ride will now be joined by two larger models, ensuring we have the bike to fit people of all ages, sizes, and abilities!

The Strider balance bike pictured in this blog post is the 12″ sport model. You can find it on the Strider website, Amazon, or your local bike shop.

Just for fun, I made a Flipagram showing Malone’s first time testing out a Strider balance bike. He’s gotten much better since this first time! It is amazing how quickly he caught on.

I think the Strider balance bike is really fun. How did you learn to ride a bike? Would you use a Strider balance bike to teach your child how to ride a bike?