My preschooler has been out of school for just about three weeks. Winter really did us in this year and the kids didn’t get out until the very end of June. Because of his zest for learning and love for following rules, Malone was invited to participate in a summer school program as a peer leader for those students who need to be in the classroom this summer so they don’t fall behind. After giving it some thought, we declined the invitation this year and decided to instead make summer fun with some sneaky homeschool.

Sneaky Homeschool

Sneaky homeschool is exactly what it sounds like. It is intentional teaching that is integrated so seamlessly into your child’s life that they don’t even realize they’re learning something new or maintaining what they already know!

Today, I am over at my friend Beth’s blog, Structure In An Unstructured Life sharing 10 Sneaky Summer Homeschool Ideas. Click here to read this full post.