Last year, I choose one word to focus on for the year. It took me a long time to come up with one. Nothing really seemed to fit until I came upon the word Savor. I knew it was the right one I looked up the definition- to taste and enjoy completely. If you want to read more about why I picked this word, click here to go to that post.  

I was surprised at how much having a word of the year helped me focus. And I’m happy to report that I tasted and enjoyed 2013 completely. Malone and I had a great “last summer” together before Lola came. It really was more than I could have hoped for.

And then? Sweet Lola came and rocked our socks off. My nights are sleepless. My days are busy running a home, running two blogs, and being a mama to two & a wife to one. But I am soaking it in like sweet New England maple syrup on a pancake hot off of the griddle.

When Malone was an infant, I could barely keep my head above the water. But this time around with Lola? I’m doing cannonballs off of the diving board.

Life is FUN.

This year, I had a much easier time coming up with my One Word for 2014. I’ve actually known it since I wrote about why I’m blogging like a horse with blinders on.


Merriam Webster defines intentional as done by design.  That is exactly what I want for 2014. Life. Done by design. On purpose.

Word Of The Year 2014

I have a calender full of ideas for this space and for my family. Big dreams and little dreams are planned in pencil. I have dreams that are far off in the distance, but almost close enough to touch. I have goals, an action plan, and a fresh take on a life well lived.

A life well lived that includes more face to face time and less facebook time.

A life well lived that answers yes to the question “mama, can you please play with me?”

A life well lived that reads and writes more often.

A life well lived that is full of days done by design.

I am so madly in love with this new year already.

Welcome 2014. May you be the year where ordinary shifts to EXTRAordinary.

Come along with me. Let’s do this.

Have you picked your one word for 2014?

Let’s chat about it and our dreams for the year below.

And if you haven’t picked one yet, marinate on it. No pressure. I didn’t pick my word for 2013 until April.