Five minute Friday is exactly what you might think it is- writing on a central topic for five minutes and hitting publish with wild abandon- no looking back for edits. This week’s topic is writing. The topic usually goes live on Thursday nights around 10:00 pm. Starting around 8:00 pm EST or so, you can usually find myself and rest of the crew hanging out on twitter using the #fmfparty hashtag. 

I can’t get more than a sentence or two written before I am interrupted. I try to get up early to write. I like the quiet. I like the way the house smells before others wake up. And I ADORE the hot coffee. But it isn’t long before little feet and disheveled hair come creeping in to curl up on my lap and snuggle.

I try to steal a few moments later on in the day. Working via an app on my phone while I nurse the baby and think about dinner.

This is my life these days. Writing for five quiet minutes when everyone is in bed seems like such a luxury. And it is.

But I when they need me, I stop and shift gears. Even though the juices are flowing and I’ve got a good thread going. If only I could bang out these last few sentences, I think.

But then I remember.

I’m a mama first. Always first.

And I’m always interruptable.

So I take what I can get in the leftover moments of motherhood.

Five Minute Friday

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