He sneaks up on me every morning. I can hear his tiptoe steps down the hall and through the kitchen. I pretend not to notice him at all. This is our morning game. He runs quickly through the kitchen and past the entryway to the office, where I’m at my computer killing it at my life online while the rest of my house sleeps.

He squeaks and scuttles. And I transition into a game of cat and mouse with him before he jumps in my lap. His hair is disheveled and his bright blue eyes still have a little sleep in them.

We build a blanket fort together for movie morning. We are resting and nesting. The only goals are to love each other well.

Noticing The Everyday 1    I serve lunch on paper plates.

Noticing The Everyday 5They play light sabers.

Noticing The Everyday 2I serve pizza on paper plates for dinner.

Noticing The Everyday 7They don’t notice the pile of laundry, the crumb filled floor begging to be mopped, or my to do list that is mile long.

Noticing The Everyday 4They only notice us- two parents who are working hard to be fully engaged and present in the moment with them.

Parents who once dreamed of days like these when they first met over ten years ago.

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