This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jimmy Dean®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Malone starts school on Monday! I can’t believe our summer is closing down and that it is time to start thinking about back to school. With back to school always always comes a fresh start to change up our routines. Malone thrives on a predictable schedule so for us, having a morning routine and after school routine is key.

Create harmony in your life with these awesome back to school routines!

 Our No Stress Morning Routine

  1. Wake up and get dressed before the kids are awake. This has been a longtime habit of mine. I’ve found that if I can get up at least 30 minutes before they do to have coffee, journal and read, I’m more pleasant to be around. I need my coffee hot and my house quiet.
  2. Plan, plan plan! On Sunday nights I take about 30 minutes to plan out our week using my planner. I use a weekly view planner to write down everything from what we’re having for dinner to doctor appointments and after school play dates and activities. It helps our mornings go smoother because I don’t have to think about trying to remember an appointment or if  Malone has gymnastics after school.
  3. Keep it screen free. We’ve found that we have much easier mornings when the screens stay off. Instead, we pump up the music!
  4. Ten minute tidy. Taking 10 minutes after breakfast to make beds, pick up the morning toys and put away pajamas.
  5. Keep breakfast simple. We limit our breakfast choices to just a few things that can be prepared quickly. One of those is Jimmy Dean® Pancake & Sausage on a stick. These are really fun….everything is more fun on a stick!

Jimmy Dean #1

Our No Stress After School Routine

  1. Get active! We often take a walk or scooter ride before we even walk through the front door. It gives us a chance to get our energy out and connect.
  2. Again, keep it screen free (including me). I try to go without my phone from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm (when the kids go to bed). This is easier said than done, but so worth it when it happens!
  3. Get homework started. At the end of the school day, Malone is fried and doesn’t have brain space for a lot of homework. We try to get a head start on it right after school, even if it is just knocking out his extra reading. We’ve actually found the mornings to be the best time for him to work through his homework (more on that coming soon).
  4. Get set for tomorrow. Together, Malone and I pick out what he’s going to wear to school and gather up any gear we might need for after school activities (googles and swim cap for swim lessons or the outfit he’s going to wear to gymnastics).
  5. Snack smart. Malone only gets fifteen minutes to eat lunch and the first thing he wants when he comes home from school is a snack- he’s starving. On gym or swim nights, we have a turn around time of about 20 minutes before we have to head out to practice, so choosing State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs works well for us. I like to pair it with some fruit since we eat dinner later than usual on those nights.

State Fair

We picked these both Jimmy Dean® Pancake & Sausage on a stick and State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs on a recent trip to Walmart. 

State Fair And Jimmy Dean Collage 1

They were both found in the freezer aisle and not too far from each other. I love having products like these in my freezer, they are such a time saver! And Malone? Well, he’s over the moon to have both of them at home too!

Malone tries the product

Your turn! Tell me your best back to school routine tips below!