In 2014, it seemed as though every women I really love following on Instagram was using Lara Casey’s PowerSheets to help them in their goal setting process. They’re an investment at $35.00 and the only way to get them is to order a copy- there are no downloads. But I took the leap and invested in them because I knew they had changed the lives of the people who used them. When Lara Casey’s book came out at the beginning of 2015, I ordered that too. The book and the PowerSheets can be used in tandem or on their own. I found they really do complement each other and I love knowing more of Lara Casey’s story.

Lara Casey's Powersheets are an amazing tool for your goal setting process. They've completely changed how I look at things! My PowerSheets arrived in December and I allowed myself space and time to really work through them. I took a two full months to work on them and I’m really glad I did.

There is nothing magical about January first. You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should do them. -Lara Casey

I came out of the goal setting process with one really big goal for 2015- to stop using food as an idol and to move my body more.  God used the PowerSheets and the scripture I was reading to really reveal to me just how much of an idol I had made food. I eat for comfort instead of seeking The Lord when I am distressed.

I’ve built up some bad habits and I am slowly working on developing new and more healthy habits. Last week, I made it to the gym six times and looked forward to my runs. Those six times in a week? Six MORE times than I had gone to the gym in over three years.

It feels a little vulnerable to share my big goals with you, but for the sake of accountability and recording my own story in my space, I am going to. These goals are different than the monthly goals I’ve set in the past- they’re not ones that are time bound and measurable. These are big goals- core life principles if you will.

Lara Casey's Powersheets are an amazing goal setting tool. They've completely changed the way I'm thinking about setting goals and how I want to live life! A lot of my goals are based within my faith because just like setting goals and living intentionally, my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior is a huge part of who I am. With that being said, you don’t have to be a Christian or follow another religion to use and benefit from the PowerSheets.

My 2015 Goals

  1. To seek the Lord with every breath I take. To know God and be known by God. To have an intimate prayer life with my Savior. The read through the Bible in a year and memorize scripture.
  2. To choose Jesus over food and daily lay down the idol I’ve let food become. To create time for proper care of my whole body- to move my body in healthy ways. To find ways to exercise that I enjoy alone and with my family.
  3. To create more margin in my day by saying yes to the right projects and to say brave no’s when needed. To work with a focused heart and mind.
  4. To chase a romantic and passionate God centered marriage with my husband.
  5. To raise children who love the Lord and love their neighbors as themselves.
  6. To streamline systems and processes for A Cookie Before Dinner. To work smarter not harder. To plan and complete a long term project.
  7. To press into community, even when it isn’t easy. To rekindle old core friendships and be a good friend. To be slow to speak and quick to listen. To be available when friends need me- to be a 3:00 am friend.
  8. To cultivate a cozy home where my family feels safe and welcome.  To quiet the chaos of clutter and use our space and resources well. To cultivate a well curated collection of clothing and toys.
  9. To use our financial gifts and the gift of time wisely. To seek the Lord in all financial matters and remember we can’t store up our treasures in heaven. To pray daily about buying a home and investing in the community we love.
  10. To spend time with the women God has placed in my life as mentors. To spend time with my peers. To invest in women who are younger than I. To have a heart of hospitality even though I feel like our apartment is too small for guests.

 Disclosure- Although I adore partnering with brands to bring you sponsored posts and reviews, I have received no compensation for today’s post. I paid for Lara Casey’s PowerSheets out of my own pocket, and if your’e serious about setting goals and living an intentional life, I think you should too!  At time of publish, they are sold out. However, there are more coming in stock soon. You can find all of the details about how to snag your set on Lara Casey’s website.