Disclosure: Malone and I received a copy of The Bossy E for review purposes. All opinions are our own. 

One of the great things about living in Western Massachusetts is that it is rich with culture, activities, and food. We’ve got amazing restaurants, some of the best hiking in the United States, and a lot of artists and musicians live around here. One of my favorite musicians is Mister G, who lives in a nearby town.

Mister G is a former teacher and holds a Master’s Degree. He’s fluent in Spanish and has studied song writing from Berklee College Of Music. I haven’t met anyone else who combines their passions as seamlessly as he does. I have made no secret about my love affair with Mister G. If you want to hear me recount all of the ways, just read this Ask Away Friday post I did with him last year where I picked his brain about children and music.

Mister G Bossy E

Mister G is back with a newly released album, The Bossy E. The Bossy E is a departure from the style of Mister G’s last few albums where he sang in both English and Spanish. Instead, this album is all about loving to learn. It is the PERFECT summertime kid’s jam. The core of who Mister G and his message is loud and clear in The Bossy E. The music is smooth and fun. Unlike some other children’s cds on the market, I don’t mind listening to this one in the car on an endless loop. I like his funky smooth Latin rhythms and I adore the lyrics.

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I asked Malone (age 5) what he thought about Mister G and The Bossy E and these are his words.

“I like this new Mister G cd because it is all about reading. I like the song about going to the library. Mom, when are we going to go to library again to buy some new books? My favorite song is The Bossy E. None of these songs are in Spanish, but that’s okay. When am I going to start my Spanish Kindergarten class. Do you think Madison will be in my class. Can Mister G do a concert there?” 

Two things you should know about this…. Malone totally thinks that the library is a place we go to buy books, he can’t seem to grasp the borrowing concept. Even though he happily returns them to get new ones. Also? Malone is going to a dual language Kindergarten program, which we are mover the moon about. Madison got into the program too, but we’re not sure if they’ll be in the same class.

Mister G And The Bossy E 2

Here is the video of The Bossy E. I am a big fan of Mister G’s videos, but I think this one might be my favorite. I ADORE the way The Bossy E is portrayed.

My favorite song on this album is  Love To Read.

Here is the chorus:

I love to read, every single day.

I love to read, believe me when I say.

From dinosaurs and dungeons, to stories about fleas,

I just can’t get enough, cause I love to read.

What I have loved the most about The Bossy E is that it has reinforced the idea that learning is cool to Malone. Often times, I’ll over hear him in his room singing Love To Read. We are working really hard to promote a love of learning and a hunger for creativity in our children. The Bossy E fits right into our game plan for that.

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The Bossy E is available for purchase here. While you’re at his website, I highly recommend you take some time to cruise around. He’s got a ton of fabulous music videos and you can dig deep to get to know the heart behind the music. As you can see in the photos for this post, Mister G puts on a great live show. To catch his tour dates, click here. 

Mister G has given me two copies of The Bossy E to give away. (Thank you, Mister G!) To enter, use the widget below. We will be picking TWO winners for this giveaway.

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