This post brought to you by SnowCast. The content and opinions expressed below are that of A Cookie Before Dinner.

I love where I live for so many reasons, one of which is because we are a four season state. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter- we get to enjoy all of the best parts of each season.

However, winter is a tricky one for us and a lot of people because of snow. In the last week alone, I’ve woken up two snow days declared by the school. I have to admit, both times I was caught off guard. Because I work from home, I had to scramble to reschedule conference calls and podcast appearances. However, thanks to the SnowCast app, that won’t happen again!

SnowCast  is a winter weather app available for download for iOS. It is affordable and brings the snow forecast and an accurate radar right to your finger tips. You can use it to see the snow fall expected in your area now (within the next 6 hours) and later (over the next 48 hours, in 6 hour increments). It also shows NOAA winter weather warnings and advisories.

Snowcast 2

The SnowCast app has been super useful for my husband, especially since I don’t typically watch the news, but I always have my phone with me.  It has helped us decide if he should come home from work early due to horrible road conditions and if we should cancel plans due to the weather. In addition to using my current location to see snow fall amounts, I can also search via zip code or address. This makes planning winter travel a lot easier! A core value of our family is travel, and in the winter time it can be tough to know if the weather conditions are favorable for a road trip.


Download the app and you’ll get accurate, easy to read information about the weather in your area. You’ll stay on top of the winter weather in your area and know if the snow will be just a dusting or something more substantial with just one look!