Malone and I received an M is for Monster preschool homeschool subscription box to facilitate today’s review. All opinions are our own. Thank you, M is for Monster!

So far this is the way Malone’s education has gone. Preschool homeschool, traditional preschool with preschool homeschool mixed in, Kindergarten.

When he and I started our preschool homeschool journey, he was three and I was recently laid off. We had to pull him out of the program he was in because it just wasn’t something we could afford anymore. We  spent our first year of preschool homeschool playing and learning together. For him, it was seamless. For me, I spent hours upon hours researching curriculum, shopping for supplies and prepping crafts, and wondering if I was doing the right things. He was happy to learn whatever I taught him and behind the scenes, I was a basket case trying to keep up. Side note: we didn’t ever end up using all of the supplies I bought. I hate that I wasted money!

Two years ago, there wasn’t a product like M is for Monster (a preschool homeschool subscription box) on the market. Trust me, I looked.

M is for Monster was designed by a stay at home mom with too much to do. She spent many hours per week planning and shopping for things to do with her kids that week. She wanted to make other stay at home mom and dads jobs easier as well as working moms and dads who wanted to help their children grow. M is for Monster has themed weekly learning activities with all the supplies included for you and delivers them right to your door! No more planning and shopping and spending too much money on extra supplies!”

Eash preschool homeschool ideas. Deciding what to do as you homeschool your preschooler is tricky! How to not waste time or money homeschooling your preschooler.

For a set montly price, you can have an M is for Monster educational activity box sent straight to your door. It comes with everything you need to complete the lessons, extended learning suggestions, and songs. The lessons for the month all coordinate together around a central theme (ours was fall and our weeks were corn, apples, football, and pumpkins).

Preschool Homeschool Subscription Box 3

Preschool Homeschool Subscription Box 1

Malone says:

I liked coming home from Kindergarten and working on homeschool to test out M is for Monster. I really liked painting the corns and using the wiki sticks. The wiki sticks are so bendy and fun!”

M is for Monster Preschool Homeschool Subscription Box


Mom says:

The M is for Monster box could be used by anyone, not just those who are educating their children at home. Malone loved coming home to work on his projects. He has some fine motor troubles (not a delay, just not a strength) and working with the wiki sticks and painting with the cotton swabs didn’t seem like a chore to him because he was having so much fun.”

Preschool Homeschool Subscription Box 4


I can think of five different types of people who’d benefit from an M is for Monster box.

  1. A parent with young children who is just beginning to start homeschool and wants to get their feet wet without spending a lot of time or money developing a game plan.
  2. Grandparents, espcially those who live far away and are expecting a visit from their grandchildren. The activities would be a great way to keep the kids entertained without worrying about having a ton of craft supplies on hand.
  3. Parents on vacation. You could easily tuck the lessons into a suitcase and pull them out as something to do on a rainy day or during some down time.
  4. A parent who wants to supplement their child’s education with bonus lessons and materials.
  5. Anyone who has a special child in their life that they just don’t know what to gift for their birthday or the holidays

preschool homeschool subscription box 6

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What is your favorite way to encourage learning at home?