I have a fancy camera. It gets used from time to time. But most of the time, I find myself documenting my world with my phone. I’ve also decided that my children will probably never have a completed baby book. They’ve got something better…. FACEBOOK.

Some of these are instas. Some of these are just straight up grainy glory. If you want to follow me along on Instagram, I’m @acookieb4dinner.

Last week can really be summed up in just a few words. Naps and crisis. Need proof? I’ve got that for you.

What do you get when you add a newborn to the house? Lots of people who desire to nap as frequently as possible. Malone and I napped both Saturday AND Sunday together and it was amazing. Not only for the rest, but because he is a kiddo who’s love language is physical touch. The more snuggles, cuddles, and hugs that he gets, the happier he seems to be.  Mike and Lola got a bunch of cuddle time two over the course of two Sunday’s worth of football.

Napping Rongners

Last weekend friends invited us to go for an easy hike with them.  I wouldn’t exactly call it “easy” for 3.75 weeks post partum, but I wanted to tag along and spend time with their crew. They have kids just a little bit younger and a little bit older than Malone. The kids had a great time chasing each other up the mountain and the view was really nice.  And bonus? Getting another RARE picture of us as a family of four.


Malone had a bit of an identity crisis earlier in the week. Elton John anyone? The preschool years have always been my favorite age group and this is proof why. He declared himself fabulous and then asked to listen to Mumford & Sons. It doesn’t get much better than this! 20111524

Then we had a real crisis. I’m still not certain 100% how it happened, but Malone  found a way to slide his hands down the side of his vintage solid wood rocking chair and they were STUCK. I tried olive oil. I tried getting it out by pulling on it. No luck. There were lots screams because he was in PAIN! I ended up having to call Mike home from work to save the day. We rent and have zero storage space, so Mike had to bring a saw home from work. When Malone realized we were going to have to cut the chair to get his hand out, he was so sad. However, the cut was clean and the chair is SOLID. There is nothing in this world that a spot of duct tape cannot fix! His hand is fine, but he fried my nerves during this whole ordeal. Malone Hand Stuck  I don’t know how exactly I managed to make this happen later on in the same day as the rocking chair crisis, but we got out to vote in the primary race for mayor. Malone did a little sign holding and waving too. My mother always took me with her to vote and I am so glad to be able to carry on the tradition with Malone and Lola. Rock The Vote

How was your week? Did you have anything exciting happen?

Happy Monday friends !