Disclosure. This post is brought to you by the folks at Imagine Toys who sent  Malone and the Kaboom! Go Out And Play! Essentials Pack.  All opinions are our own.

Malone is headed off to Kindergarten in just a few days. I wanted to do a few test shots before the big day. He claims he’s lost his smile. He’s five now and what I really think that means is that he’d rather just be a goof in front of the camera. #bloggerskid

Kaboom! Get Out And Play 1

We eventually found a little success. I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. Dimples like that should be illegal.

Kaboom! Go Out And Play Backpack

We were recently sent the Kaboom! Go Out And Play! Essentials Pack from Imagine Toys. The backpack contained two jump ropes, a playground ball, two packages of sidewalk chalk, a flying disc and the book Go Out and Play! which was full of really fun outdoor game ideas.

I gave Malone the option to order a new backpack, but he said he’d rather use this one. I love that it is bright orange. It will make it easy to spot him at pick up.

Classic childhood is calling with this Kaboom Get Out And Play Pack

Testing it out reminded me just how sweet childhood really is. It doesn’t have to be complex or full of bells and whistles. Sometimes, all you need is a few classic childhood playthings and the ability to say no to the lure of screens.

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Malone is has been working on mastering the skill of jumping rope for most of the summer. He’s still not quite there yet and spends a lot of time in the air and then crashing on the ground.

I’ve loved watching him try to jump rope all summer. The passion and heart are there and it will only be a matter of time before he masters it.

The moments of mastery are some of my favorite parts about being a mama. I love to celebrate his successes right along with him.

Kaboom! Go Out And Play Jump Rope

We’ve done a ton of sneaky homeschool this summer. My favorite way to keep his knowledge of the alphabet and writing his letters was to give him sidewalk chalk. He thinks it’s great fun and for him, it isn’t learning, which is one of the pillars of sneaky homeschool.

Kaboom Get Out And Play Pack 6


If you ask Malone what he wants to be when he grows up, he will likely tell you he wants to be a basketball player or a race car driver. He took a fundamentals basketball class at the YMCA this summer. It was fun to watch him finally connect his hand eye coordination and figure out how to dribble the ball.

He isn’t reading on his own yet, but has a number of words memorized and loves to look at his books.

He’s memorized quite a few of the books we read aloud and he loves reading those books to Lola.

Malone spent quite a bit of time picking out new games he wants to play with his friends from the Go Out And Play book. Crab soccer, coconut bowling, and windows and doors are at the top of his list.

Kaboom Go Out And Play7


This would make a great gift for the child you know already has everything. We’ve got a few friends who are getting ready to have their fourth baby and I want to send something to the big brothers and sisters to be. I know that this will be a hit since the products contained in the pack are universal both in play and age range. The toddler will love the chalk and the bigger kids will love to read the book and organize a game.