We were on our way home from Malone’s first soccer game when I spotted this new little gem. It is tucked away in a small plaza, but is NOT TO BE MISSED. MofroyotitleMy team adores frozen yogurt of all kinds. We like the sweet. We like the tangy. And we like everything in between. When we walked through the door, this is what we saw.

Moyofro1MoFroYo’s idea is genius. It is completely self serve. There are 21 flavors of frozen yogurt (17 of which are Kosher). They keep a steady mix of traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in their rotation but also offer three seasonal choices. And, if you’re feeling adventurous with your tastebuds there are options for you too! Maybe peanut butter or watermelon are more your style?


Next came the fun part! The toppings! MoFroYo offers around 100 different toppings, so really the combinations are endless. There was an assortment of chocolate goodies, sprinkles, cereal, salty things, fruit, and a variety of sauces.  I chose all things chocolate. On top of my chocolate frozen yogurt, I put chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce and crushed peanut butter cups. Michael put raspberries and gummy bears on top of his tart frozen yogurt. And Malone had a hard time reigning in his desire to put everything on top. He ended up with marshmallow sauce, gummy bears, and M & Ms’ on top of strawberry frozen yogurt. I can’t say that is a combination that I’d ever think of, but that is part of the awesome of this place! You can have what you want!


I really appreciated MoFroYo’s thoughtfulness when designing their seating area. There are comfy chairs, couches, and bean bag chairs that face a chalkboard wall. On their chalkboard wall they mounted a TV. While we were there, Little Rascals was playing on ABC Family.MoFroYoKid

As you can see, Malone gave MoFroYo a two thumbs up. We’ll be back here again soon. In fact, Michael is already talking about stopping by after his runs at Ashley Reservoir!


Disclosure-  I was not financially compensated for this post. However, the generous folks at MoFroYo provided my family with a sample for review purposes. All opinions are my own and based on my family’s amazing experience MoFroYo’s Holyoke location.