I love Christmas. It is hands down favorite holiday in the entire world. As soon as Halloween is over, it is open season on Christmas around here.

Our Christmas tree isn’t fancy or fussy. It is a mix of a hodgepodge of ornaments- some of them were made by Michael and I when we were kids, a few were wedding gifts and some are ornaments from our ornaments of the year tradition. But there are a good chunk of them that are really special to me- my mom made an entire series of ceramic Christmas Mice ornaments when I was a little girl. Since she’s passed away, these mean the world to me and cannot be replaced if broken.

I love these ornaments. They remind me of my childhood and I love displaying them. But, I also have had tiny hands curious about Christmas trees in my house for quite a few years now. Since Malone was born, there has only been one year that I didn’t stress out about my ornaments getting broken- it was the year he was 4 and Lola was 3 months old. He was old enough to know better and she was too little to care.

I don’t want to stress out about my ornaments breaking anymore. So, I decided this year I’d give my kids a smaller tree of their own and fill it with ornaments they could touch and enjoy. I have decided that this is a brilliant idea because I want my kids to learn to respect the boundaries I have around our family tree but be able to still be able to experience the wonder of seasonal play.

Princess Itty Bittys

These are Lola’s itty bittys ornaments from Hallmark. They’re the perfect mix between an ornament and an itty bittys plush.

Star Wars Itty Bittys

These are Malone’s Star Wars Christmas itty bittys (Hallmark will donate $1 to Toys for Tots each time you buy a Holiday Star Wars itty bittys). These are a plush and not an ornament, but can be hung on a tree very easily.

Itty Bitty Tree

I set Malone and Lola up with an invitation to play… I wanted to test my idea out.

This was a hit with both of them. The tree we have is small enough that it can be carried into any room in our house and played it. Mike and I have plans to get back to Hallmark to get a few more things for their tree, and I know this is something they’ll both love for years to come.

You can find itty bittys and itty bittys ornaments at your local Halmark Gold Crown or at Halmark.com. 

Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree