“In sickness and health, till death do us part.” When I said my marriage vows to my husband, it never dawned on me that it meant the common cold as well as some of the big time health issues we may face together as a married couple. I don’t know if your husband is like my husband, Mike, but when he gets sick, he really gets sick. A common cold really knocks him out.  Today’s post about how help your husband when he gets sick and keep your family running is brought to you by Saline Soothers.

How To Help Your Husband When He Gets Sick

I have learned how to keep my family running and my sanity when my husband gets sick. How to help your husband when he gets sick is tricky, but put these three tips in action and you'll be set !

In our marriage, we operate as a team with roles and goals. It seems funny to write, but there are certain things I know that I don’t have to handle because Mike handles them. When he gets sick, he does what he can, but the rest fall to me. I love my husband and of course I want him to feel better. But I also hate taking out the garbage, so I definitely want him to feel better ASAP.

Set him up with a resting station.
My first plan of attack when he’s sick is to get him set up with a resting station. Remember when you were a little kid who was sick and your mom hooked you up with everything awesome you needed to feel better…. things you could grab and use without having to get up off the couch or out of bed? That’s what this is. When my kids get sick, I set them up with one too. And between you, me and the apple tree? We all know husbands revert back to kid status when they’re sick. They like to be nurtured. And I’m okay with that.

Saline soothers on nightstand

Mike is in the middle of battling a huge cold and sinus infection. Here is what I put in his resting station yesterday.

  • Orange Juice
  • Cough drops
  • The remote control
  • Two of his favorite DVD’s (Star Wars and Spaceballs)
  • Saline Soothers

Get the kids out of the house.

My second plan of attack is to get the kids out of the house so Mike can rest in peace and quiet. He does the same thing for me when I’m sick and I always appreciate it. If we had family that lived nearby, we both agree that we’d send the kids to grandma’s house when either of us is sick. But, it just isn’t an option for us. A few hours at home alone to rest is better than nothing!

The kids and I headed to the children’s museum, where I had the honor of climbing up to the top of this thing to rescue Lola.

Lola at the Children's Museum

Mike napped and when we got home, he gave Saline Soothers a try. Saline Soothers are nose wipes infused with Natural Saline Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile.

Saline Soothers 1

How to help your husband when he's sick 2 Mike for Saline Soothers

Saline Soothers

The saline in Saline Soothers helps break up and thin mucus, plus they’re hypoallergenic and alcohol free. Mike has really sensitive skin, so finding a product to wipe his nose with when he gets sick has always been a challenge. In the past, traditional tissues have left his skin raw and red. These moisturize your skin with every nose wipe.

Remind the kids that daddy is sick and let him decide what kind of play he’s up for.

The final part in my plan, is to always let my husband be the one to decide if he’s up for playing with the kids. There are just sometimes when he’s not. Mike almost always finds a way to connect with them when he’s sick. He’s suffered through his fair share of kids movies this week because he knows the kids love them and he can rest while they watch with him. I also caught them building a Lego set in our sun room, which totally melted my heart.

Mike and kids playing legos

I’m pleased to report that while he’s not 100%, Mike is on the up and up! This winter has been so hard on our whole family, and we’re looking forward to spring!


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What is your favorite sick day tip?