Monday! You are here again. This week went by really fast. Lets say some Hellos eh?

Hello camera cord and battery charger! I got desperate and bought new. And you know what happened as soon as I did. I found the old set in a “safe” place. At least I have a back up now. Pictures coming.. promise.

Hello MIL! She trekked three hours to spend the whole weekend with us. What a fun time we had! We even snuck away for a little shopping and a movie. Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook yet? If not, you must! I adored it and am still thinking about it.

Hello time with friends! Our dear friend Mike turned 40 this past weekend and his birthday party was a blast. It was so great to spend time with almost all of our friends in one spot. We need to get together with them more often.

Hello Olive! Our 9 weeker is the size of an olive. We had an ultrasound last week to confirm dating. Everything looks great! As for an official pregnancy update… I’m still sick and I’m still tired. I’m counting down the days until the end of the first tri.

Hello bump! Yeah.. that’s me there in the stripey dress (new… from shopping with MIL). I can’t believe how much I’m showing for just being 9 weeks! We are 100% “out” with our pregnancy. Not that we could try to keep it a secret anyway. This amazing photo was taken by my dear friend, Paul Specht. That’s the birthday boy in the background with the bow tie.  9 Week Bump

What are you saying hello to this week? I’m linking up today with Lisa Leonard for her Hello Monday party.