If you know me in real life, then you know that I’m obsessed with Groupon. We have stretched our dollar so far using it! Today, I’m really excited to share more about how I use Groupon to purchase everyday goods! Thank you, Groupon, for sponsoring this post.

This past weekend, we had a house full of guests. My husband’s brother (and his family) and his mom both live several hours away from us…I don’t have the kind of in laws that you just drive across town to hang out with. I have the kind of in laws that require advanced planning, calendars, and road trips to hang out with. We see each other several times and it is awesome.

My mother in law was the first to arrive, she caught me in the middle of vacuuming. Half way through, I had to stop to empty the canister because it was full of dust and pet hair. And probably a Lego piece or two.

Holy cow… your vacuum really sucks. Who knew you had so much lurking beneath your carpet!?!

I was just as grossed out by it as she was. The funny thing is her comment was spot on and funny on purpose.  My vacuum literally sucks up everything.

I went back to finish up the house and filled the canister up again. My MIL marveled at how easy it was to use. It was fun to tell her we snagged it on Groupon Goods and that she could too!


We’ve had our Dyson for quite some time and while it is a different one than the one that is currently available, the fact of the matter is that the price couldn’t be beat!

They’ve got more than vacuums too! Just day I saw school supplies, baby gates and maternity dresses! So, the next time you need a vacuum or anything else, make sure to check out the Groupon Goods section on their website!