In 2012, I was a was stressed out full time working mama who felt like she was failing everyone all the time.

I’m the kind of person that fully commits to work, when I’m in, I’m all in. And with this job, being all in was praised. I was answering emails at 10:00 pm, stressed out that my team wasn’t hitting goals and just generally miserable. The company I worked for was in an industry that got really insanely busy every time a natural disaster struck. During the Joplin tornado, I worked close to 60 hours a week and barely kept up. My family and my marriage were suffering.

I wanted peace and quality time. It wasn’t happening.

View from Goat Peak Trail on Mt. Tom

And then Hurricane Sandy hit, destroyed thousands of homes and did millions in damage. I thought I was walking into a strategy meeting with my boss’s boss about how we were going to handle the work load. Instead, I was laid off.

I had recently come across Lara Casey’s Powersheets and this question stopped me dead in my tracks…..

It was in that moment that I knew I’d likely never have a traditional 9 to 5 job again. I came home, pulled Malone out of full time daycare and began building my business.

It was in those moments that I owned my tomorrow. The question that drove me everyday was is what I am building meaningful and will it help change someone else’s life? 

I do not regret becoming an entrepreneur, even though the work life balance is still a juggle. I love that I can be on client calls while Lola plays quietly behind me (for the record, most of my clients are moms who have kids playing in the background too). I am so on fire about the awesome work I do here at A Cookie Before Dinner and as a digital strategist. I know that A Cookie Before Dinner is a go to resource for many time strapped stressed out parents who want to chase a sweet life  with their kids. And I know that my clients gain clarity and a plan for success after working with me.

I know so many people who are scared to leap. I get it. I was forced to fly and as a family we had some really lean months. But on the other side, I am so happy I did.

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