Four times in the last week I’ve come to this space with something I thought was important to say.

Four times in the last week I’ve stopped myself before hitting publish.

This space of mine is just that. A space I come for some free therapy. A space I come to when I want to share my heart and soul. This space is mine. 

And those stories I wanted to tell? They weren’t 100% mine to tell. They involved tales of when friendship gets too messy and I want to run away instead of fight. They involve tales another horrible no good terrible day, similar to this one. 

They involved a play by play account of what happened when Malone woke up from a random afternoon nap, insisted it was morning, and tantrumed for 30 minutes after learning it was still the afternoon.  I wanted so badly to pull out my iPhone and record it. He was so adorably irrational.  Even more than that, I wanted to put it on Facebook for all of our friends and family to see- because I know they’d think it was adorable.

I am a real person. I have real feelings and my own character flaws. I need to give and receive grace. I can’t in good spirit and heart use this space of mine to share a story that I think might someday hurt someone else’s feelings. And along those same lines, I will not use social media for unkind words or passive aggressive status updates.

There are stories to tell within this space. And there are stories better left unsaid. There are things to share and things best kept private.

Mama said it best, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Do you struggle with what you share on your blog or via your social media outlets? Is anything off limits? I’d love to hear more in your comments below.