This post has been sponsored by Friendly’s who generously gave us a gift card to experience their new Friendlyer prices menu. All opinions are my own.

Confession…. I grew up in northern IL and missed an entire childhood of memories with my family at Friendly’s because there were no Friendly’s in Illinois. We made other food memories and my childhood memories are full of celebration meals at the Brown Shingle with my dad and going Arthur’s with my mom for a baked potato and frozen yogurt. It was a really small town food experience because well, I grew up in rural Illinois and my parents played the cards they had.

Meanwhile, my husband grew up on Cape Cod and spent his entire childhood going to Friendly’s. There isn’t a single relative that he doesn’t have a memory of going to Friendly’s with. He went with his mom to celebrate a great report card, his grandmother on Saturday afternoons after coming off the beach and with his aunt and uncle just because they could. Friendly’s is woven into the fabric of his childhood and he mourns the fact that it wasn’t part of mine.

It’s no surprise to me that our kids love Friendly’s because my husband loves it so much. I adore Friendly’s but they’re raving fans… similar to how they’re raving fans of the Patriots and Celtics, it’s in their blood.

New Friendlyer Prices at Friendly's

Which is why we were so excited to see Friendly’s announce their new “friendlyer” pricing options to their test market, which includes us in here in Western, MA.

This value pricing includes 20 menu favorites at $5.55, several items at $5.00 and nothing on the menu is now more than $8.00. Many ice cream prices have been reduced too!

My husband and I each ordered a burger with fries. Our waitress excitedly told us that one of the changes that had been made with the value menu was that they upped the ounces of the value burger from 4 ounces to 4.75 ounces. More burger for less price, now that’s value!

New Friendlyer Prices at Friendly's

The quality of our meal exceeded our expectations. The portion size hasn’t been skimped in anyway, in fact they’ve been increased. There was a time when we felt like a burger and fries from Friendly’s came with too small a portion of fries. Not anymore!

Our total bill was $37.47 (including tax). We ordered two burger meals, two children’s meals, two ice cream sundaes and two sodas. In the past, our check would have been close to $50.00. But this time around, we were under $40.00!

New Friendlyer Prices at Friendly's

The restaurants currently offering their new “friendlier” value menu are located in Agawam, Chicopee, East Longmeadow, Greenfield, Hadley, Holyoke, Ludlow, Northampton, Palmer, South Hadley, Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield.

Friendly’s plans to roll out this pricing structure to the rest of their restaurants in 2018. There are approximately 121 restaurants in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Head to Friendly’s today and try out their new awesome menu!