I recently came across a new blogging idea- free writing for five minutes. A few of my commenters have tried it, and I’m all for trying something new.

This week’s topic is What Your Mama Did That Made Her Yours.





Five Minute Friday

Adventure. When I think of my mom, that is one of the first things to come to mind. She was a lover of fun- a road trip taker. Often times we’d just get in the car and drive, not knowing where the open roads would take us. I could read a map by the time I was six, thanks to her. She’s the one who wanted to go on the craziest roller coaster, sky dive, bungee jump. You name it, she wanted that thrill. Although she passed away before she could get to sky diving, I’m fairly certain it was always in the back of her mind.

Justice seeker. I will never forget the time the high school football coach didn’t play my uncle in the big game. Her finger  it pointed at his chest as her angry words defended her littlest brother. I have a strong sense of sticking up for the underdog, thanks to her.

A lover of natural consequences. On the first day of high school she kissed me goodbye and said- now when you get to high school there will be parties, parties where you will want to drink beer with your friends. Go ahead if you want. But know this, the police LOVE to bust underage parties and if you get thrown in jail, don’t bother using your one phone call one me. I won’t come for you. I didn’t drink a drop. In fact, I was 19 before I had my first sip of wine. And 21 when I really had my first beer.


Whew, that time goes by fast!

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Five Minute Friday