One of my favorite type of posts to write is Five Minute Friday. Each week, hundreds of bloggers write around a single writing prompt for five minutes and hit publish without edits or proofreading. The prompt is usually a single word that typically has a big meaning. The result is almost always something beautiful.


There is a tree in my neighborhood that comes to life in autumn. The rest of the year, it is an ordinary tree. But as the September moves towards October, and October creeps towards November, she really shows off. And yes, she’s a girl.

I drive past her almost everyday, admire her deep rich red color.

Five Minute Friday Tree

As November is crawling toward December, her branches are no longer beautiful. The leaves have fallen.

It is just her and her guts on display for all of the world to see.

Yet, She stands tall and proud with her roots planted in the soil below.  Her trunk is mighty and unwavering.

Her branches are flexible. Some move when the wind blows. Some branches break and fall to the ground, leaving room for others to grow a little stronger.

Her life moves in rhythm with the world.

She’s working behind the scenes and quietly getting ready to blossom again.

Soon enough it will be time for her to shine again.


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Five Minute Friday