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It wasn’t what I was expecting to find. But there it was, nestled in between other photos of my mother- most of them were of her growing up. My nana keeps a stack on her desk- always close by to remind her of the good times.

Seeing the photo on the left made me realize just how similar mothers my mother and I are. I knew I wanted to recreate the photo with Malone this summer. Same small town festival, different merry go round & decade.

In Between

We are set boundaries, are firm but flexible.

We prioritize our values, smile a lot, and have kids who love rainbows.

We work hard for our kids and our families. And somewhere in between it all, we find the energy to be creative, seek adventure, and make memories.

And above all else, we love our kids so fiercely it hurts.

When she died, I was no where even close to motherhood. My wedding to Michael was still several months away. We didn’t have a single conversation about what motherhood meant to her, what her challenges were, or what I might expect as a mother.

Those answers are found in my own memories and in the in between.
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