What I learned in January.

I am really enjoying the process of goal setting for 2015. I’m using Lara Casey’s powersheets and really taking my time to muscle into the hard work. I still do not have my goals set for 2015 and I am 100% okay with that. The framework is coming together and honestly, there isn’t anything magical about January 1st anyway. I’ve given myself a deadline of March 1 to have my goals for 2015 set and my powersheet prep work complete. My favorite step so far has been working on the life vision plan.

Powersheets Life Vision Page

I have been relearning the power of focus a bit. As a WAHM, mother, and wife, I have a ton of things I have to make happen on a daily basis. Often times, I bounce from project to project and end the day with 10 projects that are all 90% complete. However, I reminded myself over and over again this month to just focus on one task at a time. Working on one project at a time has really helped me stay focused. Also? The little minutes matter. Instead of hopping on Facebook when I’ve got a spare five minutes, I’ve been trying to chip away at a project. And sometimes? Those five minutes made the difference in moving that project from my to do list to my to done list.

Finally, I have been falling in love with reading again. I have been creating more time to read and it has been amazing!

RECAP: January 2015 Goals


  • Develop  a spreadsheet to keep track accounts payable.
  • Finish super secret project #1.
  • Finish my goal yearly goal setting for 2015. I’ll be using my powersheets to help me work through this.


  • Attend girls night out with the women from my small group at church.
  • Attend girls night out with my mama friends.
  • Send 10 pieces of snail mail (outside of my New Years Cards).
  • Go out on a date with my husband.
  • Prep January’s snail mail newsletter.
  • Keep up with my 2015 read the Bible in a year plan.


  • Take Malone out on a date.
  • Finish Malone’s school paper work and going through Lola’s outgrown clothing.

February 2015 Goals 


  • Finish the powersheets and 2015’s goals.
  • Step into freelance writing with grace and determination. I’ve been asked to write for a pretty big website and it comes with big scary words like copy editor, editorial guidelines, and due dates.
  • Set March’s editorial calendar.
  • Tape segment with our local lifestyle news show.


  • Keep up with 2015’s Bible reading plan
  • Read three books.
  • Send 10 pieces of snail mail.
  • Attend girls night out with the women from my small group church.
  • Go on a date with my husband.


  • Finish going through Lola’s outgrown clothing. I’ve given up on ever finishing Malone’s school paperwork.
  • Take Malone out on a date (he’s already chosen this month’s date location).
  • Write in the journal I’m keeping for the kids everyday.

Did you set goals this month? What are your big goals for 2015?