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One of the core values of our family is to love our neighbors as ourselves. That means we are constantly on the look out for new ways share and encourage others. In the past we’ve delivered cookies to our neighbors doorsteps.

Malone spreads cheeer

And we’ve taken ice pops down to the crew repairing the road in the heat of summer.

Malone road workers

If there is something we can do share with others, we enjoy doing it. Which is part of the reason why we’re stoked about the new Extra® 35-stick packs of gum….. they’re perfect for sharing, there is more gum for everyone!

Extra Product image

These Extra® 35-stick packs  come in durable recycled packaging. When you’re out of gum, there will be so many fun ways to upcycle the packaging….like using it to organize store cards, gift cards and the other cards you want to keep in your purse but don’t use on a regular basis. It could also be transformed into a really cute business card holder. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Extra New Gum Packaging

These new packages are really easy to find at Walmart. They’re right up front by where you check out.

Extra Gum On Shelf At Walmart

I was inspired by the fact that these new packages of Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® are meant for sharing…. Give Extra, Get Extra. I knew immediately that I wanted to pass this idea along to a friend by making her an act of kindness care package.

Make Your Own Act Of Kindness Care Package!

Grab this free random act of kindness printable and send a random act of kindness snail mail package today!

To start your act of kindness care package, brainstorm your idea. What you decide to put in it doesn’t have to be expensive, it needs to show the recipient that you’re thinking about them! I think you’re kind of awesome is something we all need to hear. These six words can totally change someone’s day. Combine them with affordable treats and you’ve got an easy way to brighten up the world.

In my care package:

  • Note cards and a small notebook from the dollar section
  • Colorful pens
  • I Kind Of Think Your Awesome printable (download yours for free right here!)
  • Extra® Gum Spearmint
  • Extra® Gum Polar Ice®

You’ll also need a box to send in the mail and filler (optional). In the past I’ve used tissue paper. This filler is very similar to Easter grass and you should be able to find something like it at a party store, if you want to use it.

Act Of Kindness Care Package Step 1 Gather Your Supplies

Tape your printable to the top inside of the box. You want to place it here so it is one of the first things your recipient sees. I used washi tape and taped two sides.

Act Of Kindness Care Package Printable

After you’ve taped your printable, it’s time to start packing up your act of kindness care package with your other supplies. I put the stationary in next.

Random Acts Of Kindness Care Package 3

Keep adding your goodies! I put in the pens, Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® next. These are 35 stick packs, which makes it easy to split between a few places, like your purse and the office.

Act of kindness care package. Send a care package act of kindness!

Check out Extra® for even more awesome ways to Give Extra, Get Extra.