Confession. I am not the world’s most crafty mom. Some people are born with that gene, and some are. I’m okay with that. But lately my kids have both been dying to craft and paint more. I set up this really simple apple stamping preschool art activity to do when we got home from school the other day. Both the Lola (the preschooler) and Malone (age 7) had a blast with it. And they’ve ask for more after school projects. Affiliate links present.

 Apple Stamping Preschool Art Activity Supplies Needed:

  • Fall colored paint
  • Apples (cut into half)
  • Heavy weight papar
  • A cardboard box
  • Forks (optional)
  • Smocks (optional)
  • Cleaning spray (to clean up the mess)

The method is really simple. Dip the apple pieces into the paint and stamp. For this project, we used three varieties of apples. I sliced a Red Delicious, a McIntosh, and a Braeburn apple in half. Instead of using a fancy paint tray, I raided the recycling bin and found a frozen pizza box to use for the paint.

easy preschool apple stamping activity

We has a blast with this apple stamping preschool art activity! There were a lot of really great conversations that came out of it. We talked about color mixing, making patterns, textures the apples made and experimented with trying the other side (skin side) of the apple stamp with.

At first, Lola was interested in stamping. But after a while, she decided it was more fun to use the apples like a paint brush and do her own thing. Remember, this is your kid’s project and there is no right or wrong way to do it!

Preschool Apple Stamping Activity. So fun!

Malone’s apple stamping project turned out great. He had so much fun investigating the different textures the apples made.  If you are wondering, the Red Delicious apple made the most interesting stamps!

Apple stamping preschool art activity.

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