My friend Crystal Stine has been posting about some of her favorite things on Friday’s for quite some time. I’ve thought about joining in but until now, I haven’t really had anything was worthy of me creating some additional noise about on the internet. And if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the internet is too noisy.

But, then my friend Paula started an amazing new company, I discovered a pretty necklace my friend Bev makes, and I fell down a rabbit hole with a new podcast. I started writing on people’s Facebook walls with SHOUTY letters about how they needed to experience this or that. And so I realized I was actually being too noisy social media about things and decided perhaps a favorites blog post was in order. I’m not sure if Friday Favorites will be a recurring thing or not, but today I’m pleased as punch to introduce you to a few things I’m currently obsessed with.

Gray Frames. Paula and I met in college over a decade ago and she recently launched a new Etsy shop called Gray Frames.  Gray Frames offers inspirational prints and scriptures either for sale as digital download or they’ll print and ship them to you. I’m obsessed with the fresh modern design aesthetic and would love to just wallpaper my house in her work. This It Is Well With My Soul  print hangs in my kitchen where I can stare at it while I do the dishes.

It is well

Gilmore Guys Podcast. I have been a long time Gilmore Girls lover- it is one of my favorite shows of all time. Stars Hallow, Rory & Lorelei are completely my jam. The Gilmore Guy’s Podcast is hosted by Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe (two 20ish something dudes). Each episode, Kevin and Demi break down an episode of the show, often with a guest. Kevin is a longtime fan of the show and Demi has only watched the show far as they are in podcasting episodes. They chat about the pop culture references, the fashion, and discuss the episode in detail. The podcast isn’t for the faint of heart, is full of unsavory language and often sexual innuendo. But, it is also wickedly funny (I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried) and gives great insight to all things Gilmore.

Behind The Mask. Behind The Mask is a Hulu original show that follows the lives of people who work as mascots. I binged through season one last fall and was pleasantly surprised to discover season two is also now available. Behind The Mask is everything I want in a reality TV show- drama that is dramatic but not stupid (I’m looking at you, The Bachelor), compelling characters to fall in love with, and fresh.

Hulu Behind The Mask

Season two features a 25 year old autistic man who feels alive when he’s in costume, a high school girl named Navey who wanted to play football but was told she couldn’t because she was a girl (so she became the mascot as a way to still get on the field), a mascot for a semi pro hockey team, and the man behind the mask of the San Francisco Giants.

Linkoture Jewelry. My friend Bev is blogger who also makes beautiful jewelry. She’s also someone who is balancing life as a work at home mom and has a daughter close to Lola’s age, so there is an extra level of camaraderie between us. Bev offers something for just about every price point . She also wrote this amazing blog post about why you shouldn’t ask crafters for a discount that really changed my perspective on how I approach treating myself to something handmade.

This necklace is currently on my wishlist- I have a similar pair of earrings from her.

Linkouture Necklace

Wonder Crew. When Malone was little, I searched high and low for a pal for him to play with. He specifically asked for a “super cool boy doll” when he was three. The only boy dolls I could find was the boy Bity Baby Twin. If the Wonder Crew existed when Malone was a preschooler, I would have been over them in a hot minute.

Wondrew Crew

Founder Laurel Wilder had similar feelings about the market for boy dolls and has come up with the Wonder Crew.

Inspired by the way play impacts child-development and the recent surge of STEM toys for girls, I created Wonder Crew to give boys the mainstream green-light to connect, express feelings and really just be themselves.

Wonder Crew Construction

Wonder Crew is in the middle of raising funds via Kickstarter and there are just a few days left in the campaign. I met Laurel recently and honestly, this project needs to happen. Check out her kickstarter page for details on her Wonder Crew.

What are you loving these days? Should I make Friday Favorites a regular thing?