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I am so excited to share this DIY After School Snack Necklace with you! I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but in the afternoons not only do they come home from school hungry, they come home from school eager to create and craft too.

There are some days when we’ve only got a little bit of time at home before we have to run off to soccer practice and this DIY After School Snack Necklace pulls double duty! It gives a chance to craft (and saves my floor from being full of Legos right before we have to walk out of the door) and it’s edible!

We usually have a few different kinds of cereal in our cupboard and some are designated morning boxes and some are reserved for after school snacks. Our after school snack cereals are typically a time for something sweet and something both Lola and Malone always look forward to! They were both super excited to spot Oreo O’s at our Shop-Rite store!

DIY After School Snack Necklace

DIY after school snack necklace. Your kids will love this easy after school craft idea with cereal!

This is super easy to set up as an after school activity. My kids are 8 and 4 and had a blast doing it!

Supplies needed:

  • String
  • Tape
  • Oreo O’s cereal (find it here). 


Adults: Cut a piece of sting long enough to be a necklace that can be slid over your child’s head (for safety reasons, this needs to be able to come off of their head very easily). On one end of the string, tie an Oreo O’s cereal piece with a knot. This creates a “stopper” on your string. On the other end of the string, use a small piece of tape to gather the loose ends so the cereal pieces can be easily strung (this functions just like the plastic  end of a shoe lace).

Kids: String pieces of Oreo O’s onto your string to create a snack necklace.

When the kids are finished with their string, tie a bow and slip it over their head. Enjoy!

DIY After School Snack Necklace Back

Grab your own box of Oreo O’s at Shop-Rite and make this with your kids today!