This Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Sandwich are a great twist on a modern ice cream sandwich! Is there anything better than the combination of ice cream and cookies? We go through spurts around here with ice cream, and you can always find at least three different flavors in our freezer.

Is there anything more classic than Cherry Garcia? I love the bits of cherry and chocolate combined. Mike and I were recently talking about summer vacations. We spend a lot of time on Cape Cod, where the ice cream truck comes by every 30 minutes. He reminded me of my love for the “chipwich.” A chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

That reminder was my inspiration for this Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Sandwich.

This Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Sandwich is the perfect easy summer potluck food!

Doesn’t that cookie look like heaven? I love baking, the kids and I do it quite a bit together during the cooler months. But sometimes? It’s a no brainer for me to start with a bakery cookie and add to it!

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s really simple to make. Put a scoop or two of Cherry Garcia between two bakery cookies and enjoy! Or, if you’re going to make them for later, wrap them in wax paper and put them back in the freezer! You could also roll the edges in sprinkles, if you wanted to be extra fancy. I didn’t, mostly because Cherry Garcia is reserved for the more refined palettes in our house (aka, the grown ups). The kids like ice cream in any form and honestly would rather have a “pop.” A pop is their adorable way for saying that they’d rather have an ice cream novelty like like a bomb pop, ice cream sandwich or ice cream sundae cone.

BJ’s has those too. Boom. Two birds, one stone.

While I was at BJ’s, I couldn’t help but notice that summer was out in full force. It’s still cold here in New England. It is the end of May, but it feels like early March! It hasn’t been above 55 degrees in weeks!

Currently, BJ’s has a free three month trial membership you can take advantage of. We’ve been longtime members because it is the ONLY wholesale club that accepts manufacturer’s coupons and all of my grocery needs (they’ve got a deli, a bakery and fresh produce). When I can, I like to shop at just one store for the week!

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